Chris Street is the person behind Bristol Editor, a consultancy delivering a range of social media, editorial, blogging, copywriting and strategic media relations services. Chris has a unique blend of expertise across a range of disciplines.

Chris works with businesses and individuals to help them improve their profiles online and offline through the use of powerful unique content, social media participation, strategic media relations, and new content curation techniques.

Chris is regularly published across numerous high-profile, prominent industry-leading websites, including www.journalism.co.uk, www.socialmediatoday.com, www.socialsmallbiz.com and www.marketingdonut.co.uk.

Chris has also recently lectured on social media and digital journalism to undergraduates attending media and journalism courses at this University.


Chris has more than 15 years’ experience delivering within online and offline media, and worked as a features editor and business editor for Northcliffe Newspaper Group at the Bristol Evening Post offices in his early editorial career.

Previous projects have included editing business magazines, Managing Editor for a Bristol-based publishing firm, launching online portals for corporates in the City, managing blogs for businesses since 2005, delivering media relations strategies for companies including Apple and Mitel Networks, copywriting for firms such as NFU Mutual and Calor Gas, as well as launching social media service divisions for digital marketing and PR agencies nationwide.

You can talk to Chris about any of these projects by getting in touch here.

Working with Chris

“Chris came highly recommended to us for his blog marketing services, and after six months of working with him I can see why.

Since utilising his blogging services in September, web traffic has increased by more than 60% and our SEO results have increased on competitive search listings in line with our key services.

We’ve seen a steady flow of new enquiries, and the website is now generating 20% of all new client business for our accountancy firm. This is a direct result of the weekly blog content Chris is producing for us. Many thanks!”

– Louise Misiewicz, Managing Director, Optimise Accountants Limited

“Once again, the blog marketing work delivered by Chris has generated more high-value new client revenue. A blog post he published for us here in 2012 continues to pull in new hair extension business.

Under the search term ‘best hair extension services in Bristol’ that blog post is still in the top 3 on Google Page One – and brought us a new client last week. This client is immediately worth £600, but will be worth £1,000s in time.

More importantly, that single piece of blog marketing has delivered our hair salon more than £9,000 in revenue in the last five years. Amazing results, thank you Chris!”

– Simon Dewey, Creative Director, Stages Hair Design

“We’ve just started working with Chris, and his blog marketing services have delivered rapid results.

Within 48 hours of uploading the first salon blog, we’re at the top of Google for the highly competitive search term ‘hair colouring services in Devon’.

This will undoubtedly drive new clients to our hair salon in coming weeks. A fantastic example of blog marketing providing a quick and visible difference to our overall marketing efforts – and all down to one blog post. Many thanks!”

– Andrew Hill, Creative Director, Andrew Hill Salon

“The blog marketing work Chris provides for us has delivered a number of new clients – within 28 days of a blog post going live.

A blog post for our hair salon covering hair makeovers generated four clients worth £40 and will be worth much more in time. The clients found us by searching for ‘New Year hair makeover in Bristol’ and our blog here got these new clients on board with our hair salons.

This was a great result within such a short space of time of the blog post going live, and further highlighted the financial return we get from the blog marketing work Chris provides for our hair salons. Thank you!”

– Richard Hillier, Creative Director, Stages Hair Design

“The monthly newsletter Chris provides as part of his content marketing services to my hair salon has generated revenue yet again.

A specific promotion delivered 12 new clients, buying services worth more than £400. This included 8 new clients, who will be worth £1,000s during the course of this year.

Another great result, and further testimony to the profitable return delivered from his proven content marketing work for my hair salon. Many thanks!”

– Tina Lombardi, Creative Director, Moda Hairdressing

“The business blog marketing work using a salon blog from Chris has generated another superb result for our hair salons.

In fact, the last month has seen 10 new clients – from just one blog post Chris wrote for us here on Prom Hairstyling.

These new clients typed variations of ‘expert Prom hairstyling in Bristol’ and booked Up-Do hairstyling appointments with our hair salons as a direct result of Chris’s blog marketing work for us. This new business is worth £100s to us in immediate new clients, but will be worth £1,000s over time, too.

The blog marketing inputs provided by Chris have delivered consistent cash and new clients for more than four years now – including another fantastic result this month. Many thanks!”

– Simon Dewey, Creative Director, Stages Hair Design

“The content marketing services provided by Chris have delivered once again.

Chris provided a complete re-write of my barbering salon website recently. What difference did his SEO Copywriting make? Within four weeks of the SEO Copywriting going live, organic traffic from Google had increased by 25%.

New clients visit the men’s hair salon weekly, due to being found on Google as a result of Chris’s salon marketing work. Another great result – awesome!”

– Franco Lombardi, Creative Director, Franco’s Barbering Lounge

“The blog marketing services delivered by Chris continue to generate new clients and sales – particularly the blog he writes for my Bristol hair salon. This has been an amazing cash generator for over six years.

One blog post promoting a hair product has just led to the product selling out in less than a month.

This included more than three boxes of the hair product being sold to existing and new clients, due to his salon blog. Fantastic!”

– Tina Lombardi, Creative Director, Moda Hairdressing

“The blog marketing work provided by Chris has delivered more new clients and cash to our hair salons yet again – through his salon blog work for us.

Chris wrote a blog post about treatment for thinning hair issues. We’ve had eight new clients finding us on Google in the last three weeks, by searching for ‘guaranteed treatment for thinning hair problems in Bristol’ and then getting in touch to book appointments. All of this new business from this one salon blog post.

These eight new clients were worth approximately £50 each on their first visits, but will be worth much more over time. Two of these clients have also purchased hair extensions, and will be worth £100s more in coming weeks. Amazing!”

– Richard Hillier, Creative Director, Stages Hair Design

“The blog marketing services provided by Chris have once again delivered the goods. Our central Bristol hair salon wanted to promote new Olaplex treatments, so Chris drafted and published a blog for us.

What happened?

Within six days of publishing the blog, searching on Google for ‘Olaplex hair treatments central Bristol’ saw the blog post written by Chris gaining Number One positioning on Page One of Google.

A fantastic result – which has also driven four new clients worth £100s to us in the first month.”

– Aidan Garlington, Creative Director, Aidan Garlington Hair Design

“The blog marketing consultancy Chris provided has made a huge difference to our business. Our company website engagement grew from December (1,857 visitors & Google organic 1,180 visits) to May (7,167 visitors & Google organic 2,378 visits) with consistent Google Page One placement for key services through various blog posts.

Solid and consistent results, highlighting the benefits to be gained from professional business blogging. Thanks Chris.”

– Paul Gooding, Managing Director, People for Research

“Chris came to our hair salon highly recommended from hairdressers in Bristol I’ve worked with in the past, and his blog marketing for hair salon service has delivered immediate results.

Within just nine days of uploading this blog post we’ve gained Number One placement on Google for the following:

Asian hair straightening in Bristol
Hair straightening in central Bristol
Hair straightening services in central Bristol

This is a superb result, and highlights that the hair salon blogging Chris delivers makes a real difference – and in a short space of time. It will be interesting to see how many new clients we gain from this brilliant result. Thanks, Chris!”

– Aidan Garlington, Creative Director, Aidan Garlington Hair Studio

“We hired Chris over a nine-month period, to get more social media engagement underway. But did it work? The results speak for themselves.

The Twitter account grew from December (487 followers) to May (756 followers) by a solid 75% rise, with a professional and smooth handover to our in-house marketing team delivered by Chris after a series of useful and insightful workshops had also been delivered. Great overall results – thanks Chris.”

– Paul Gooding, Managing Director, People for Research

“Once again, the expert hair salon blog marketing service provided by Chris has delivered the goods – in terms of sales and new clients.

Three new clients found us on Google in the last month by searching for ‘treatment for thinning hair in Bristol’ and got in touch. A blog post written by Chris on hair thinning treatment at our Bristol hair salons was at number one on Google Page One.

These new clients are worth more than £700 this month, and will be worth thousands more over time. Proof, yet again, that the blog marketing work Chris delivers for our hair salons provides cash and new clients. Many thanks!”

– Richard Hillier, Creative Director, Stages Hair Design

“The content marketing services Chris delivers for our hair salon have once again delivered cash and new clients this month.

A promotion organised and distributed by Chris across our hair salon newsletter brought in nearly 30 new clients and generated more than £500 in sales. That’s a fantastic result, and these new clients will be worth £1,000s over time. More conclusive proof for us that his expert content marketing services provide new clients and new cash time-after-time. Many thanks yet again, Chris!”

– Tina Lombardi, Creative Director, Moda Hairdressing

“It’s been an amazing month for our hair salons in Bristol – thanks to the blogging work delivered by Chris. His expertise in blog marketing for hair salons has brought new clients once more.

Two new clients found us at the top of Google by searching for ‘best hair extension services in Bristol’ and got in touch. They’ve both booked hair extensions worth more than £1,500 after finding this blog post written by Chris which further highlights the power and impact of his hair salon blog marketing services.

That blog post has generated more than £6,000 worth of hair extension sales in the last three years. An incredible result!”

– Simon Dewey, Creative Director, Stages Hair Design

“Having reviewed the latest results from Chris’s blog marketing work for my Bath letting agency, I had to write this.

I gave him the objective of increasing our organic rankings on Google, so that more potential clients would find us and get in touch.

Typing ‘advice for buy-to-let landlords in Bath’ results in our Bath letting agency blog being listed at numbers 1-4 on Google Page One. No further words needed!”

– Atif Javid, Managing Director, Intire Lettings

“One of the main objectives I gave Chris when starting to utilise his blog marketing services was to increase the amount and quality of organic traffic to our Bristol letting agency website.

In the last month alone, his blogging inputs have increased the amount of organic traffic from Google by more than 100% – giving us a huge rise in potential clients visiting our website after finding us online via his blog posts. Much appreciated, Chris – a great result.”

– Atif Javid, Managing Director, Intire Lettings

“Chris’s blog marketing work continues to provide new clients and cash for our hair and beauty salon.

We had two new clients last week – they typed ‘Gold Class hair extensions Shropshire’ into Google and the expert business blogging work completed by Chris meant that our salon was dominating the first six listings on Google Page One. An amazing result.

More importantly, those two new clients brought an additional £1,400 revenue on their first visits to our salon. The blog marketing Chris provides is powerful and professional – and it delivers a stream of cash and clients!”

– Nicky Marcar, Creative Director, Salon Ten

“The blog marketing Chris provides our hair salons in Bristol has delivered cash and new clients yet again.

Two new clients searched for a new hair treatment service we’ve just launched, and following a blog post published by Chris, we were at the top of Google Page One.

An amazing result, given the blog post was less than three weeks old.

More importantly, the two new clients were worth £100’s on their first visit to us, and also booked additional hairdressing services – adding further value to the superb blogging work Chris provides.”

– Richard Hillier, Creative Director, Stages Hair Design

“The blog marketing work Chris delivers for our Bristol hair salon continues to provide new clients and cash returns.

Last week, we had three new clients in one day – because of one blog post Chris wrote for us. The clients typed ‘long hair restyling Bristol’ into Google, and our hair salon was at numbers 1,2 and 3 on Page One. A brilliant result, and further proof that Chris’s blog marketing delivers!”

– Tina Lombardi, Creative Director, Moda Hairdressing

“When Chris started writing blogs for my Bristol letting agency less than six months ago, I set him the task of increasing our organic rankings on Google, so that we could be found more easily by potential clients.

I just typed ‘advice for buy-to-let landlords in Bristol’ into Google – and found one of his blog posts for us listed at Number One on Google Page One. A fantastic result, and conclusive proof that his blog marketing services work. Many thanks.”

– Atif Javid, Managing Director, Intire Lettings

“Chris’s blog marketing service has delivered the goods for our hair enhancement salon.

In the last six months, website traffic has increase by more than 150% – due solely to the effectiveness of Chris’s blogging outreach efforts. We’ve also seen a host of Google Page One listings for our key services and products, giving us a huge advantage over our competitors, as well as being an amazing result for a business that’s less than 18 months old.

Chris’s blog marketing work enables us to be highly visible online and front-of-mind for new clients. Many thanks, Chris – you’ve thoroughly and consistently highlighted the power of professional business blogging!”

– Nicky Marcar, Creative Director, Nicky Marcar

“I hired Chris to provide content marketing services for my estate agencies in Bristol and Bath with one main initial commercial purpose – to increase the quantity and quality of traffic visiting the website. Has it worked?

In one month alone, utilising blogging outreach and social media marketing, traffic to our website has increased by more than 70%, as well as a 300% increase in webpage visits and a 400% increase in website visit duration.

A fantastic result from the content marketing services provided by Chris. To see such a huge increase in website traffic, engagement and commercial opportunities in such a short space of time really highlights Chris’s expertise.”

– Atif Javid, Managing Director, Howce Estate Agents

“The social media marketing service for hair salons provided by Chris continues to deliver amazing results for our Bristol hair salons.

In the last month alone, we’ve seen 40 clients buying a hairdressing service promoted exclusively through a blog post, whilst the latest electronic newsletter produced by Chris has delivered 20 new clients and £100’s in sales.

Another fantastic month of new clients and sales, generated by Chris’s superb content marketing.”

– Richard Hillier, Creative Director, Stages Hair Design

“Our hair salon has recently launched Gold Class hair extensions, and as a part of the marketing push, we’ve utilised Chris’s Blog Marketing results to drive awareness and sales. Has it worked?

Within a week of publishing a blog promoting new Gold Class hair extensions at our Shropshire hair salon, the blog post is at numbers 1 and 2 on Google Page One – amazing result!

For the competitive search term ‘Gold Class hair extensions Shropshire‘ Chris’s superb blogging outreach has delivered top-class rankings on Google Page One giving us competitive advantage online. Many thanks, Chris!”

– Nicky Marcar, Creative Director, Salon Ten

“The content marketing service provided by Chris continues to deliver clients and cash for our Bristol hair salons – consistent financial ROI, month after month.

His latest newsletter, for example, generated 10 new client bookings within the first week of distribution, worth £100’s to us, and highlighting again the fantastic results gained from his client-winning and cash-generating content marketing services. Thanks Chris!”

– Richard Hillier, Creative Director, Stages Hair Design

“The blog marketing service delivered by Chris has made a huge difference to the bottom line for our business. And in a short space of time, proving that effective content marketing can bring financial ROI.

We’ve seen sales increase by more than 500% in five months – due to the professional business blogging services provided by Chris.

Our salon is winning regular and repeat clients. Our new hair enhancement, wig, hairpiece and hair extension salon in Shropshire has a significant presence online, backed up with excellent content marketing and a commercially-successful blog. Thank you, Chris!”

– Nicky Marcar, Creative Director, Nicky Marcar

“The blog marketing service provided by Chris is making a massive impact on our business. We’re currently seeing up to six new clients per week, as a direct result of being found on Google from the blog posts Chris is publishing for our hair salon and beauty spa business.

An amazing ROI in only a few months, and we’re really pleased with the content marketing services Chris is providing. It’s bringing us new and long-term revenue, whilst also highlighting the rapid and profitable benefits of business blogging.”

– Nicky Marcar, Creative Director, Salon Ten

“The monthly Newsletter marketing service delivered by Chris continues to bring our hair salon new clients and cash sales.

The last three months have seen an additional £500 per month, plus up to 15 new clients each month – all due to the Newsletters written and distributed by Chris to our existing and new clients.

It’s proven to be a brilliant source of additional revenue for the salon, month-in-month-out. Many thanks!”

– Tina Lombardi, Creative Director, Moda Hairdressing

“We’ve only been working with Chris for less than 10 weeks, but his blog marketing has delivered incredible results already on Google for our new hair enhancement salon business. We’re already at the top of Google searches for key search terms including ‘hair enhancement salon Shropshire’, ‘treatment for thinning hair Shropshire’ and ‘custom made wigs Shropshire’ – what a result in such a short space of time!

This makes our new salon business highly visible and enables us to stand out from more established regional competitors – all due to Chris’s superb blog marketing work. Many thanks – highly recommended!”

– Nicky Marcar, Creative Director, Nicky Marcar

“Once again, the blog marketing work from Chris has delivered the goods for our Bristol hair salons. In the first week of this year, we’ve had three new hair extension clients worth £1,800. They found us with the search term ‘best hair extensions in Bristol’ via our blog post which is top of Google Page One.

More conclusive proof that professional blog marketing services are delivering a consistent financial return. Many thanks, Chris!”

– Simon Dewey, Creative Director, Stages Hair Design

“The full day blogging outreach, newsletter marketing and social media engagement workshop we had with Chris was incredible. He has so much knowledge and experience, and this was clearly demonstrated within the workshop.

The blog marketing work that he’s carried out for our business has already started to show in the Google Analytic statistics: we’ve had a number of new client enquiries, and many current clients taking up the first exclusive offers produced by Chris through our blog, social media, and newsletter.

Chris has an enthusiastic approach and he communicates clearly without using any jargon, so that a novice can understand how to market their business using blogging, newsletters and social media.”

– Nicky Marcar, Creative Director, Salon Ten

“Does the content marketing service provided by Chris work? The results speak for themselves.

We’ve had to ask him to stop promoting certain services recently, as the responses and new client demand has been so high. Our Bristol hair salons have never been busier, and this is a direct result of the amazing content marketing work delivered by Chris.”

– Simon Dewey, Creative Director, Stages Hair Design

“One of my aims when founding Spring was to over deliver for each client to such a degree that they hired us again AND recommended us. That’s fuelled our growth – we don’t need to do advertising and marketing because of it.

The work I do with Chris on blogging and social media is a value-add for our clients – it gives them quality resources to partner our other services.

That doesn’t mean it doesn’t have surprise spin-offs – like one in the shape of a £54,000 ROI in one year.

A piece of work that landed as a result of a contact who had been following our blogs and posts on Linkedin for six years, who knew we were the best fit for his organisation for various reasons – invited us to talk more, we ran a Thinking Space™ session, and he hired us on the spot!”

– Luke Thomas, Director, Spring

“Chris’s expert content marketing has delivered a financial ROI for over two years, with another great example last week. A client found us by searching for ‘the best hair extensions in Bristol‘ on Google – one of our blog posts came top of page one, they contacted us for a short conversation, and to book a hair extension consultation.

This resulted in an immediate sale worth £950, and more cash in the bank from the blog marketing provided by Chris. If you don’t think blog marketing can generate cash for your business – think again. We get a steady stream of client enquiries week in, week out – thanks to Chris’s blogging expertise.”

– Richard Hillier, Creative Director, Stages Hair Design

“Chris has been providing SEO copywriting, blogging, social media marketing, and newsletter marketing consultancy for three years now, and it’s been a sound investment – with a consistent financial ROI from his content marketing. Our newly written website delivered more than 700% ROI in the first month alone, whilst the monthly newsletters generate consistent sales.

The real gem in our marketing mix, however, remains the blog marketing. We retain a top placement on Google searches for all our key search terms, which keeps us above our competitors and generating awareness, interest, and sales. Thanks to Chris’s superb blogging, Universal Sign Systems are at the top of Google Page One for ‘aluminium sign systems’, ‘aluminium sign box systems’ and ‘aluminium sign systems UK’. Brilliant work from a content marketing expert.”

– Terry Moult, Director, Universal Sign Systems

“Chris has delivered SEO copywriting and blog marketing for less than 12 weeks, but we’ve seen a 411% ROI from our website in under three months, as well as a host of high-ranking listings on Google Page One from his blogging inputs.

As a new business in a competitive marketplace, our Blog is already beating some of the leading companies in our sector for placement on Google – for example, search terms such as ‘aluminium doors in Liverpool’ and ‘aluminium construction products Liverpool’ are seeing our Blog in the top three positions. Great content marketing work, Chris, and an amazing start for our new business!”

– Craig Edwards, Director, Alifast

“We’ve been working with Chris for over two years now – and he’s become an essential part of the successful marketing of our hair salons in Bristol.

Chris has provided SEO Copywriting, blogging outreach, and newsletter marketing – and with consistent cash returns since month one. Due to his SEO Copywriting and blog marketing, we get a steady stream of new clients every week from Google Page One content marketing. His newsletters generate consistent sales from existing clients every month.

It’s a pleasure to work with Chris: our hair salons are making more money thanks to his expert content marketing, and he’s basically one of the family!”

– Richard Hillier, Creative Director, Stages Hair Design

“Chris has delivered blog marketing for our central Bristol barbering salon for nearly three years now, and the results have been consistently superb.

We maintain a leading position on Google searches for our industry key phrases and search terms, due to his outstanding blogging outreach work for our Bristol men’s hair salon. Quite simply, being found online equates to cash in the till. For example, typing ‘haircare tips for men in Bristol’ brings up our blog on Google Page One, and for positions one, two and three in the listings. Awesome!”

– Franco Lombardi, Creative Director, Barbering@Franco’s

“Chris has been delivering blogging outreach, social media content and newsletter marketing for our central Bristol hair salon for nearly four years now, and the results have been exceptional.

We’ve gained additional sales from the newsletter, increased our client base from social media engagement, as well as maintaining high-ranking positions on Google Page One for key industry search terms and key phrases, including ‘Bristol Hair Advice’ and ‘Gloucester Road Hair Salon’ – brilliant work!”

– Tina Lombardi, Creative Director, Moda Hairdressing

“Chris has only been delivering blog marketing for my company for less than 12 weeks, but there are already numerous listings on Google Page One from the blog for key phrases and search terms. Amazing! It’s been a great result after such a short space of time, and I’m looking to see ongoing organic placement of our business on Google Page One. This makes a huge difference to our online visibility to potential new clients. Many thanks, Chris!”

– James Poole, Director, Gordon Poole Agency

“We’ve reviewed our sales figures for January, and noted a 60% increase over last year. This is due directly to Chris’s SEO Copywriting, Blog Marketing and Newsletters, and we continue to be amazed by the results achieved from working with him. If you’re looking to generate revenue from social media and blogging, speak to Chris – he comes highly recommended from all of us here at Stages Hair Design. Many thanks!”

– Richard Hillier, Creative Director, Stages Hair Design

“I left my first social media session feeling motivated, energised, and full of ideas. Within five minutes of meeting Chris, I could tell that he is passionate about what he does and really knows his stuff. Raising the profile of the Studio is now cost-effective and, dare I say it, fun.

The majority of new business now comes as a direct result of the tools and techniques learned through Chris.”

– Lydia Sherlock, Director, Core Strength Studios

“The monthly Newsletter produced by Chris continues to deliver sales and new clients. The latest Newsletter brought 60 clients and increased our hair colouring market by nearly 50% in one month. His Newsletters are a hugely successful and sales-generating marketing channel for our business – well done and thanks, Chris.”

– Richard Hillier, Creative Director, Stages Hair Design

“The SEO copywriting service delivered by Chris has been outstanding. Following a full review, re-design and re-write of our website, we saw a more than 700% increase in traffic from Google in the first month alone.

Our new online presence continues to dominate Google for key search terms and industry phrases, and we’re consistently found above our key competitors in the marketplace. A brilliant return on our investment!”

– Peter Cawley, Managing Director, Universal Aluminium Systems

“Chris has been providing Blog Marketing and SEO Copywriting for our Bristol hair salons for 12 months now. Is it working? The results speak for themselves.

His blogging outreach and SEO Copywriting services deliver 70% of our new business to us.”

– Richard Hillier, Creative Director, Stages Hair Design

“The Blog Marketing service provided by Chris has made a huge difference to our online presence, delivering 18 Google Page One rankings for all of our core services – within 12 weeks. This is an amazing result for us as a start-up consultancy in a massively competitive business sector. Thank you so much.”

– Jackie Cummins, co-Founder,  J21 Coaching

“The Enewsletter marketing service provided by Chris continues to provide our business with cash sales, month after month. His latest Enewsletter generated 75 client enquiries within three days. Amazing!”

– Richard Hillier, Creative Director, Stages Hair Design

“Chris has been producing monthly eNewsletters for us with great results – the latest delivered six new clients in six days. Clients are continually commenting on the content in-salon, too. Many thanks!”

– Tina Lombardi, Managing Director, Moda Hairdressing

“Chris delivered a fantastic social media workshop to our team, with follow-up support on blogging and tweeting. It gave us the knowledge, tools and confidence to build our social media presence across high-profile platforms.

We’ve since gone on to win new business on the back of the techniques Chris taught us. A fantastic result – many thanks.”

– Harriette Hobbs, Director, Stratton Craig

“The monthly eNewsletter delivered by Chris is working incredibly well for us – the last one delivered 4 new clients in 48 hours.

We’ve had numerous positive comments from clients, too, about how fantastic it looks and the great content we’re delivering to them – which also increases our customer loyalty into the bargain. If you’re thinking about email marketing using Newsletters, simply speak to Chris first. Well done!”

– Richard Hillier, Creative Director, Stages Hair Design

“The results from hiring Chris to deliver blog marketing for us at J21 Coaching have been outstanding: in less than three weeks, we’ve gained Page One rankings on Google searches for all of our core services.

For ‘business coach Birmingham‘, for example, we have three listings from three blog posts on Google Page One, giving us a superb presence against our competitors online and driving clients to us.”

– Jackie Cummins, Co-Founder, J21 Coaching

“I commissioned Chris to help me elevate awareness of my company and brand through social media. This started with a straightforward introduction to uses and merits of all the social media outlets and a customized small workshop on how I can use Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. He outlined very useful information on when to say something and how to say it.

I would certainly recommend Chris for his skills are sharp, and he is careful to capture the mood and voice of any client he is writing for. He is an asset and worth the investment.”

– Amanda Thomas, Founder, Amango Photography

“Chris has delivered incredible results for Stages Hair Design via blog marketing. One of our key search terms ‘hair thinning treatment Bristol‘ hit Google Page 1 for a blog post he wrote within 48 hours of going live.

His blogging outreach work has delivered profitable visibility on Google, a professional voice online, and new business instantly. We can’t recommend Chris and his blogging skills highly enough. Well done!”

– Richard Hillier, Creative Director, Stages Hair Design

“We hired Chris on a personal recommendation, and the results have been rapid. In less than six weeks, our central Bristol dental practice is now listed under key industry search terms on page one of Google – as a direct result of Chris’s outstanding Blogging work with us.

His straightforward approach has enabled us to see immediate benefit from blog marketing, and to be successfully competing with much larger dental practices via our blog has highlighted to us the importance of effective content marketing online. If you’re looking for profitable blogging, speak to Chris first.”

– Regina Bormann, Managing Director & Principal Dentist, Promenade Dental

“I have worked with Chris over the past 3 years with several clients, and has always worked really well as an outsourced business relationship. Not sure if he would like this title, but I refer to him as Mr Social Media.”

– Alex Whitfield, Managing Director, Floriture

“Chris is an expert when it comes to social media and more importantly, engaging the audience in the right way. He is a valuable asset to have in any marketing team, and I would recommend his services anytime.”

– Russell Perry, Marketing & Business Development Manager, Content Hub

“I have worked with Chris on a number of projects for the last few years, he is conscientious, honest and very capable. He has a very light approach and knows his stuff! We will I hope continue to work with Chris in the future and I would highly recommend him for social media content provision and management.”

– Darren Clare, Managing Director, Create Marketing

“Chris visited UCA Farnham as a guest lecturer, talking to journalism students about blogging and social media. His passion managed to enthuse many students who at other times can be difficult to reach. We look forward to working with Chris in future to communicate social media engagement with our students, especially as this is a key area of employment for new graduates.”

– Simon Clarke, Journalism Lecturer, Freelance Unbound

“Chris is strong in his opinion, great for sparring on new ideas, and dedicated to making a difference. Our collaboration step-changed the social media engagement of my business and developed my blogging abilities in the process. I’ve subsequently recommended him to others – enough said!”

– Luke Thomas, Director, Spring

“I have worked with Chris on a number of projects, predominantly for clients in the healthcare sector. Writing is an interesting discipline because everybody thinks that they can do it, this is not the case.

Writing something coherent, compelling and that really resonates with your target audience is a skill, one which Chris possesses.

As well as a number of articles, Chris has also produced social media strategies. In the healthcare sector marketing is still considered a dirty word. He has a talent for explaining complicated concepts in layman’s terms so that even the most reticent client can see the benefit of ‘new media’. He then delivers on time, on budget, and in line with the brief.”

– Alaana Woods, International Director, BMI Healthcare

“I worked with Chris when I was Business Development Manager at Blom UK. We initially hired Chris to provide advice about establishing an effective social media presence for Blom, but ultimately he ended up doing much more than that.

Chris helped to design and maintain an effective blog, Twitter feed and Facebook page, as well as having input into UK marketing strategy. Chris offered advice on and managed social media content and helped members of the team to write and edit snappy, informative pieces about their work at the company.

All of this work combined to give Blom UK a market-leading online presence.

I would not hesitate to recommend Chris if you are new to social media like we were, or if you are an experienced hand looking for a fresh, creative perspective.”

– Barney Butterell, Regional Sales Manager, VW Group

“Chris came highly recommended and we have not been disappointed.  His ability to bring our in-house team up to speed quickly and help us fly solo is testament to his ability to work with a team, his novel ideas and overall leadership.

My lasting impression of Chris is that he is a great listener, he always seems to ask the right questions, then makes good creative suggestions and helps execute the strategy to the highest order. Just take a look at the great results he has helped us achieve: www.blom-uk.co.uk.”

– Dan Schnurr, Director, Business Strategy, Blom UK

“Since taking part in the blogging workshop with Chris, I’ve picked up some great techniques for creating fresh, relevant content for our audience. Traffic to our blog is increasing, specifically through search engines.

I get frequent comments from both new and existing clients on how useful they find our blog. This is thanks to Chris, his invaluable experience, and his passion for social media.”

– Lydia Sherlock, Director, Core Strength Studios

“Chris’s social media and blogging skills have been incredibly effective in building our online credibility – from an increase in our Twitter and Facebook followers, to increased interactivity and blog readership.

Working with Chris has been extremely inspiring and we’ve enjoyed many successful brainstorming sessions, which have given us a variety of very effective blog ideas including ‘How I Met Trollbeads‘ – all of which have been very well received online, and have contributed to a 75% increase in our traffic.”

– Sarah Morfoot, Managing Director, Fable Trading (Trollbeads UK)

“Chris won the contract to deliver two social media training sessions for consultants and support staff in LGID. Initial contact with Chris was over email via his blog, and I found Chris to be an excellent listener and communicator. Able to quickly understand the remit of our complex organisation, and the context in which we are working, Chris used his social media savvy and personable approach to meet our needs.

Chris delivered a lively, discursive training session (Powerpoint free, thankfully) which allowed the participants to learn from some real experience and to ask a range of questions from “What is a blog?” to “How can I make Twitter work for me?” For me the session helped dispel the mystery surrounding the topic and enabled me to identify the clear practical steps I need to take as well as leaving me with detailed written materials I can refer to again and again.

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Chris to organise and attend the training sessions, and I hope we will have the chance to work together again in the future.”

– Cat Moyle, Programme Support Manager, Local Government Improvement & Development (LGID)

“Chris worked on providing social media content and blogging support as we promoted a new cosmetic product shop on our website. During a nine-week period, his content across Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and our blog drove more than 1,200 people to our online shop – a brilliant outcome, and proving that social media consultancy can deliver real people, in real-time, with real results.

His blogs were instrumental in this – particularly ‘A Day In The Life Of A Cosmetic Surgeon‘, which was a real hit. We now have the confidence and knowledge to write our own blogs and distribute social media content. Chris comes highly recommended from the entire team here at CC Kat Aesthetics.”

– CC Kat, Founder, CC Kat Aesthetics

“I chose to work with Chris for various reasons – and would like to share them. He’s got an energy and style that suits my business – which is driven, pretty intense but fun, and innovative. He sets very high standards, knows his mind, and isn’t afraid to challenge or be challenged. You get him personally and the wealth of experience that he brings – not an office junior that he could farm work out to.

So, he’s helped take me and my business Spring from a standing start to a full social media presence that is creating new ways to give my clients value. If you’d like to talk with me personally, please get in touch – I’m happy to chat through my experience.”

– Luke Thomas, Founder, Spring

“Chris is a fun person to work with. He is straight-talking and to the point, but also a great writer and editor who really understands what his target audience are looking for. It is always a pleasure talking to Chris, even if he is on a deadline!

Anybody looking for great editorial or advice navigating the ‘scary’ world of journalism should look no further.”

– Amanda Hill, Communications Manager, Oce

“Chris delivered social media and blogging consultancy for us, with great results. Our website traffic increased by 105% in the Campaign period – due largely to the attraction and pull of his brilliant social media content.”

– Tina Lombardi, Managing Director, Moda Hairdressing

“There is a trend emerging where companies increasingly assume that what they stand for, in an enduring sense, is more important than what they sell. Most people would expect this shift to come from the captains of industry and the big brands.

Some have started, but it’s the small companies that are racing away. Chris is one of the finest runners in that race.”

– Leon Benjamin, Author of Winning By Sharing

“Chris has been great at bringing the team up to speed on all things social media. This has enabled us to expand our knowledge internally and offer our clients a comprehensive overview of the opportunities.”

– Ed Hudson, Director of Client Services, Create Marketing

“I am writing to express my admiration for Chris and would definitely use his services again. Chris worked on drumming up publicity for a documentary screening and workshop in Bristol.

The results were amazing: in less than 10 days, he had secured coverage in daily newspapers, glossy magazines, the BBC, as well as a host of specialist feature journalists.”

– Jacki Hill-Murphy, Founder, Pink Ginger Films

“I really enjoyed attending the Social Media Workshop run by Chris, as I found his to be a refreshing change from other workshops I have attended, mainly due to the fact that Chris has a great philosophy about social media and blogging.

Chris was happy to answer any questions the group had, no matter how senseless or relevant to the conversation, and made everyone feel at ease in the workshop. Chris has great knowledge on the subject and gave out very generous handouts during the workshop to help us with various platforms and blogging sites.

I would recommend Chris for any form of social media related guidance – so much so, we want him to come back and do another workshop.”

– Rebecca Krzyzosiak, Marketing Manager, The Old Church School

“I found Chris to be an extremely intelligent individual who always came up with constructive ideas as to how we could improve our publications. In my view, Chris is very apt in working at a commercial speed in a commercial environment, and always found him to be hard-working and diligent, with a great passion for his work.

He constantly produced work of a high standard and never missed any kind of deadline. I would also say that Chris is an excellent communicator at all levels and portrays a very professional approach. I have no hesitation in recommending him.”

– Page Tuck, Managing Director, Link Publishing

“Chris is excellent for all Comms: witty, caring, intellectual, but can also see the words from our view: handles massive amounts of disparate inputs and comes back with tangible, interesting reading, informative views that mean we see the strength of our own knowledge.

Once you have worked with Chris, then to find an alternative will be like looking for the gold at the end of a rainbow.”

– Keith Willett, Founder, Sanderson & Neale Group

“The future of corporate blogging aligns with the future of how businesses will promote themselves online. Our Blog delivered more than five thousand visitors in less than six weeks – this service, quite simply, works.

It is going to be huge. Absolutely awesome! Grab this amazing opportunity before your competitors start using it.”

– Thomas Power, Chairman, Ecademy.com

“Chris has helped elevate my online status and carefully guided my company through the etiquette of social media. Building my brand with care, attention, and professional thoroughness. I heartily recommend him – he will make a difference.”

– Amanda Thomas, Founder, Amango Photography

“Once the feature produced by Chris had been published, the health reporter was inundated with public inquiries.

We sold out of the product promoted in the editorial within 48 hours. Incredible!”

– Reyna Knight, Distributor, Forever Living Products PLC

“No messing. A true journo who really knows his stuff. Highly recommended.”

– Simon Apps, Managing Director, Professional Images

“The social media training has helped me overcome my worry of not knowing where to start with social media. It was delivered in a very friendly, professional and experiential way to a group with mixed levels of aptitude. I really enjoyed it, and have joined Twitter already!

– Rosie Pullin, Director, Pullin Rose

“Chris provided media relations for an event, and what a result: within six days, he’d secured a primetime BBC interview, front page daily newspaper coverage, as well as a number of articles published in our target consumer magazines.”

– Franco Lombardi, Director, Barbering@Franco’s

“Having worked on delivering a new website and a social media marketing pilot programme for Trollbeads in the UK, we were looking for someone to take on the ongoing role of creating the core social media content.

Having ‘met’ Chris via Twitter and been a fan of his blog, we were delighted to introduce him as our recommended supplier for the ongoing work. He picked up from where we left off brilliantly, and the client was confident to make him a part of their ongoing team.”

– Bryony Thomas, Director, Clear Thought Consulting

“Thanks for the great introduction into the world of social media. The workshop was very informative and gave me the overview I needed to kick start my social media networking.”

– Leon Thompson, Founder, Creative Direction

If you’d like to work with Chris, it’s really simple – get in touch here.

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