The importance of bespoke social media training in Bristol

I was delivering bespoke social media training in Bristol a few weeks ago, and some interesting points came out of the social media workshop session.

The client had already approached a couple of other social media consultants and social media agencies in Bristol, but found the generic, off-the-shelf social media training solutions offered to them not that useful, productive or attractive.

They came to me. I listened. We ended up working together.

bespoke social media training in Bristol










The client had requested training around a series of specific questions to do with the following areas:

* Creating more social media engagement on Twitter

* How to save time with social media marketing

* The best times to post social media content

* What constitutes the perfectly written blog post

* When to use social media content management

* How to measure ROI from social media activities

The half-day social media training session went well, and there’s some follow-up support continuing with blog marketing and the effective use of SEO search terms and SEO keywords for the client’s industry and targeting of ideal customers.

This bespoke social media workshop delivered such value that the client felt moved to email me this testimonial:

“We had a morning workshop with Chris to expand on our social media knowledge and skills. We also use Hootsuite (which Chris had previously recommended, which is great) and he went through this, to make sure we were using it effectively. Chris gave us tips and knowledge to ensure we were heading in the right direction, and not wasting time in areas we need not be.

He gave me tips on blog writing to get that on the go, which I have found invaluable. He has given me the confidence to get blogging, and to enjoy it! The Bristol Editor is a great resource and service, and I would use him again. Highly recommending his service!”

- Claire Roy, Social Media Executive, Stuck on Homework

These comments from the client are, for me, exactly what social media training and effective social media workshops should be all about: listening to a client’s specific queries, issues, and problems – and them delivering bespoke education and answers.

The days of the basic, generic and off-the-shelf social media workshops are coming to an end: mainly because businesses and organisations are more social media-savvy, and don’t need to know what Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are and why they’re useful social media marketing platforms for different types of businesses.

Clients now want to know how to increase engagement, when to post content, how to blog, how to use social media platforms to drive traffic back to their website, and how to generate a financial return from social media engagement.

To see many more testimonials covering bespoke social media training, please visit here.

If you’d like to discuss effective social media workshops for your business or organisation, get in touch here.

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