Successful blog marketing delivers £9,000 from one post

It’s been an incredible week for a client, after feedback from them has highlighted that successful blog marketing has generated more than £9,000 in new sales for them from a single blog post.

The case study example from this client shows that successful blog marketing boils can be consistently and repeatedly used to generate more website traffic, more customers and more sales.

Having introduced the UK’s first fully-managed blogging service in 2005, it’s incredibly rewarding to see my clients gaining new customers and sales, week-in-week-out, because of my unique business blogging techniques.

I’ve had clients in the past asking how blog marketing can deliver a constant stream of new customers and new sales. This case study has been generating cash for this client since the blog first went live in 2012.

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The client was kind enough to make the following comments:

“Once again, the blog marketing work delivered by Chris has generated more high-value new client revenue. A blog post he published for us here in 2012 continues to pull in new hair extension business.

Under the search term ‘best hair extension services in Bristol’ that blog post is still in the top 3 on Google Page One – and brought us a new client last week. This client is immediately worth £600, but will be worth £1,000s in time.

More importantly, that single piece of blog marketing has delivered our hair salon more than £9,000 in revenue in the last five years. Amazing results, thank you Chris!”

– Simon Dewey, Creative Director, Stages Hair Design

What this client testimonial demonstrates is a simple thing – blogging is a cost-effective and predictable way of increasing revenue into any business, when it’s done professionally using tried-and-tested methods.

I’ve had clients coming to me in the past telling me that PR agencies and SEO gurus have told them a blog is all about reputation enhancement and building trust. This is part of it, but not the main element.

My clients utilise my successful blog marketing for one reason, and one reason only – they want to generate sales as a direct result of blogs written for them.

They’re not particularly interested in jargon and buzzwords such as reputation enhancement and trust building. Every month we discuss how many new sales have been generated from blogging.

For my clients, blogging delivers three things to their businesses:

More website traffic

More new customers

More direct sales

These are the reasons a professionally-written, commercially-focused and revenue-centric business blog exists. If your PR agency, digital marketing consultants or SEO agency aren’t generating more traffic, more customers and more sales every month from their blogging efforts on your behalf, ask why.

If you’d like to see another six examples of successful blog marketing for clients – where the benchmark for ‘successful’ means generating real sales in real time – please visit here to see these amazing case studies.

If you’d like to find out about how my proven blog marketing consultancy can drive new customers and more sales to you, get in touch here.

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