Free social media audit checklist for Bristol businesses

I was delivering social media training in Bristol for two businesses last week, and part of the process for me as a social media trainer for companies across the South West and wider UK is to conduct a social media audit before the workshop begins.

This ensures that a full overview is provided of where the social media workshop attendees are in terms of their social media engagement, blog marketing and associated online marketing activities.

It also helps to spot gaps in their social media marketing before the social media training even begins.

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Plus, by providing a fully open pair of ears to listen to the social media workshop attendees’ specific requirements, the delivery of social media training becomes three things immediately:

* bespoke

* relevant

* useful

In terms of the pre-workshop social media audit, I usually have a checklist to work from. This enables me to get an effective and quick snapshot of how well the business is delivering social media marketing.

The social media audit checklist looks something like this, and I thought providing it as a free reference tool might help other Bristol businesses as they begin to evaluate the success of their own social media engagement:

* Is business blogging evident?

A well-maintained and professionally-marketed blog is the cornerstone for successful social media engagement. If you’re not blogging for your business, you’re missing a trick. Read this to find out why.

* Is social media sharing evident?

Part of any effective social media marketing strategy is sharing solid, consistent and interesting content on social media platforms. Not every social media platform – just the key ones where your ideal customer is hanging out.

* Is content marketing evident?

Using newsletters to deliver powerful content marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to use social media engagement to drive followers, sign ups, then sales. Providing loyal fans with exclusive offers to their email inbox is a must.

* Is social media strategy evident?

Social media strategy means one simple thing – being consistent. This means having a plan, a programme of social media marketing activities, and delivering it. It’s not about frenetic period of posting, then disappearing for weeks.

* Is social media personality evident?

One of the challenges is to deliver real personality via social media engagement. This could be as straightforward as letting your employees post content, using their unique tone, experience, and expertise. Monitor it, of course.

* Is social media monitoring evident?

Successful social media marketing needs monitoring. As the famous maxim goes, you can’t manage what you don’t measure. Using social media management tools is a must-have for any effective social media engagement programme.

There’s more to include, of course, but the above six points provide a starting point for any social media audit – and should help any Bristol businesses to think differently about how well they’re delivering social media marketing.

If you’d like free social media marketing tips delivered to your email inbox, simply sign up here.

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