Chris has written a number of eBooks, all designed to help readers raise their profiles profitably. These are available to buy as digital downloads from this page. Each digital copy comes in PDF and ePub formats for added convenience.

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Titles include:

Blogging Riffs: The How and Why of Blog Marketing

If you’ve asked yourself ‘How do I blog?’ or ‘Why should I blog?’ this Ebook is for you.

Price: £6.99


How one blog is costing Kwik Fit 100 customers per day

Lessons in managing negative social media & how to maintain a positive online reputation.

Price: £6.99


Musings from a media maverick

Top 44 blog posts on social media, journalism, copywriting, blogging and PR.

Price: £6.99


Create the perfect press release in three hours

Create a profitable press release template to generate repeat media coverage.

Price: £6.99


Media Relations 101

A decade’s worth of newsroom experience condensed into 101 powerful Tips.

Price: £6.99


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Musings from a Media Maverick

Media Relations 101

Create The Perfect Press Release in Three Hours

How one blog post is costing Kwik Fit 100 customers per day

Blogging Riffs


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