How one blog post is costing Kwik Fit 100 customers per day, Part 1

I’m pre-publishing parts of my latest Ebook, entitled ‘How one blog post is costing Kwik Fit 100 customers per day’ across the blog here, so readers can get an early peek at it and benefit from the lessons we’ve discovered about social media engagement and online reputation management – courtesy of an ongoing strategy of silence from the appalling corporate Kwik Fit.

These three blog posts will contain the basic text, but not the full graphic and diagrams in the Ebook. However, the content from the Chapters highlighted on the blog should still prove useful. There are three pre-publication blogs posts – here’s the first.

Chapter One: How a blog post came to cost Kwik Fit 100 customers per day

I first came into contact with Kwik Fit as a customer on 03 October 2009, when visiting the Whiteladies Road, Bristol branch. The emergency brake lights were flashing on my Mini Cooper S, combined with a squealing, grinding noise on the rear brakes. Urgent mechanical attention was obviously needed.

The rear brake pad and disc repairs cost just shy of £250. The branch manager also attempted to sell me two front tyres at £325, even though the tyres were well within the legal limit, as well as a new caliper, which would be in the region of up to an additional £350.

I left the branch with the brake warning light still on, and the brakes sticky.

The branch manager, Robert Sandow, (an ex-McDonalds manager who was promptly moved to another Bristol Kwik Fit branch when his errors, lies and mis-selling became evident to higher Management after my first complaint) informed me this was perfectly normal, and that the warning light on the Mini Cooper S’s electronic system would “automatically reset after 50 miles” whilst the new pads “would also bed in” which I later found out was complete nonsense. I believed him.

The brake warning light stayed on, I discovered a few days later when I had the work inspected independently, because one of the rear brake pads had been fitted without a pad. Metal was hitting metal. The car was a death trap.

After further complications, mis-selling, lies and excuses in-branch from Mr Sandow, I had the independent examination completed and made a formal complaint. I was given a face-to-face meeting with Kwik Fit regional manager Dave Rees in Bristol.

He was accusatory, a poor listener, and refused to give his consent for me to record the meeting on my Dictaphone. I was not impressed.

Following this perfunctory meeting, I chased for feedback – after Mr Rees did not come back to me on the agreed deadline with feedback and a proposal of solutions to my poor treatment and life-threatening service from Kwik Fit.

What I did get was a letter from Kwik Fit Head Office stating that after a thorough internal investigation, they found no evidence of wrong-doing, that compensation of any kind would not be offered, and that the matter was closed.

I was, understandably, not impressed with Kwik Fit’s idea of customer satisfaction.

I published the complaint email sent to Kwik Fit’s Managing Director in full on my blog, to highlight my case and demonstrate that the matter was far from closed. This blog post continues to attract 100 hits per day. You can read it here.

Obviously, to receive such a dismissive response from Kwik Fit did not sit well, and highlighting the issues publicly on my blog seemed the only option.

After highlighting the story to regional Press, I learnt from an inside source on one newspaper that Kwik Fit’s corporate PR team had attempted to discredit the issues and story, rather than genuinely engage with them and resolve it.

I also learnt that Kwik Fit management had put a firm lockdown on the case, with an internal investigation by senior management leading to radical measures being taken, such as mechanics being told to watch out for ‘difficult’ customers in-branch. Again, no actual resolution of life-threatening treatment.

This was the start of Kwik Fit’s strategy of silence – more to follow on that in Chapter Three.

Around this time, I also contacted Guardian Money and BBC Watchdog, with spectacular results in the Watchdog example. Again, more to follow on this.

I promoted the ‘How Kwik Fit risked my life to make a sale’ blogpost across social media platforms, including setting up an anti-fan page on Facebook entitled ‘Kwik Fit – the worst corporate reputation in the UK?’ which provided an excellent sounding board for other for other disgruntled ex-Kwik Fit customers. Comments which were all being retained on Google searches.

By now, the blog post itself was also attracting attention and more comments, forming a damning thread of evidence concerning Kwik Fit’s treatment of unhappy customers across the UK.

Internal customers, including ex-Kwik Fit managers and mechanics, were now coming to the blog to post their comments and experiences of working within the corporate. Evidence was stacking up across a number of online platforms.

Evidence which had massive implications online for Kwik Fit, as the next chapter highlights – read this on Wednesday.

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34 Responses

  1. D bond says:

    I have just had my car tracked ..three attempts and it still was not right..with Kwik Fit….I took it to Imperial tyres who put the job right!!! and I have a print out.I spoke to trading standards ..they say under the act …The supply of goods and services act 1982 the work being not carried out to resonable care and standards..I should write a letter and send it recorded to the centre and head office ..and if I dont get the what I want..which is the price of the retracking done plus time off work spent putting it right…to get back in touch and we will look at taking them to court…phew…

  2. And so, you join the unfortunate place we’ve been used to seeing in our dealings with Kwik Fit – resorting to Head Office letters, legal action and Trading Standards, after Kwik Fit deliver another set of failed customer service.

    Please keep us updated publicly here, and post your comments on the anti-fan page on Facebook, for all to see.

    If you want to complain publicly via Twitter, post your tweets there with @Kwik_Fit, so their Twitter feed is time-lined with this negative customer feedback too.

  3. disgruntled employee says:

    not only do kiwk fit treat there customers like shit. they are also corrupt and treat their emloyees in the most disgusting fashion. There is a huge culture of backstabbing.

  4. Mrs J.Jarvis says:

    I have just had the rudest customer services response in my life from the Kentish Town branch of Kwikfit. I am astonished at the degree of aggression from the receptionist: a Ms Nadine Leila Bryant. I was making a simple enquiry as to why there had been no response to a deadline passed 3 days ago and the level of vitriol, agression and sheer bullying from this woman was astounding.

  5. Mr j jones says:

    Kwik fit is a discusting greedy firm

  6. Ms Anderson says:

    My car was running well with no problems until I took it to Kwik Fit for an MOT and interim service. It is now stalling at every set of traffic lights I encounter with an idle speed control problem of revs racing and dropping in a constant cycle. The car feels out of control. KF staff said they were ‘at a loss’ as to what was wrong with it but tried to sell me 3 new tyres in the process. Will have to take it elsewhere to be put right again.

  7. Mark says:

    I was employed by Kwik fit and bullied by a manager,I was also told to spray wd40 on shock absorbers so they could sell them on there reports,ever since I stood up to the manager my life was made hell,so I was on the sick with depression,not to long ago they have dismissed me and on my last wage slip it says I have 24 days holiday outstanding but there not paying it to me,say I guess they have ripped me off ti

  8. Stuart Cooper says:

    I had my car mot’d at Kwik Fit last year. Before the mot my steering lock worked perfect. When I got home the steering lock wouldn’t work. I went back the next day to ask why and they said that they hadn’t touched the steering lock. It must be a coincidence that it didn’t work. I have now found out that a working steering lock is now part of the mot test. After what I have been hearing about Kwik Fit I will never use them again.

  9. Ian says:

    Kwik-Fit + NEVER AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Debbie Gargan says:

    They have just bled my sons brakes and in the process loosened the brake pipe resulting in him loosing all of his brake fluid within a week. A very dangerous situation and no apology or sense of wrong doing by the staff 🙁

  11. Rowan George says:

    I used their online service…well, I say service. No call back for six days, despite their website saying 24 hour response, and no pick up on either their Freephone number or local branch.
    After two emails, I get an unapologetic response and the tyres I ordered and paid for were not in stock anyway. Again, no apology at all for their total incompetence. Absolute rubbish service and never again!!!

  12. john says:

    hi, took my car into kwik fit beeston leeds for MOT, was quoted over 450 for the work, took it for a 2nd MOT at another garage the very next day and it passed with no work needing doing !!!! WTF

  13. Em says:

    My partner is a works at the Devizes branch of Kwik Fit.
    Last week on the 28th October 13 at a routine midwife appointment on his day off we were informed that our baby had no heartbeat & were sent to Bath RUH, who confirmed that our baby had died at 16 weeks in the womb. This was especially upsetting as we had experienced exactly the same thing 4 years ago, when our baby died in the womb at 20 weeks.
    As it was a missed miscarriage so late into the pregnancy I had to be booked in to Bath RUH to deliver our baby. My partner called into work on the 28/10/13 to explain the situation & to ask for compassionate leave.
    We attended Bath RUH on Wednesday 30th October & our baby was delivered. However I suffered complications (a retained placenta) and what should have been a day procedure turned into a hospital stay.
    I was discharged from hospital late evening on 31/10/13.
    During the 5 days off my partner was granted as compassionate leave he received numerous calls from his operations manager.
    Which resulted in him feeling pressured into returning to work on the 5/11/13 just 4 days after me being discharged from hospital & only 5 after delivering our baby.
    The ops manager had rang The Supervisor of Devizes Centre on the 3/11/13 & told him to expect my other half back in work the next day Monday the 4th November 13. After hearing this my partner called the ops manager to explain that his normal days off are Sunday & Monday, the ops manager had granted him a week of compassionate leave & he had only taken 5 days.

    The past week has been an extremely upsetting & difficult time for both of us & we still have the funeral for our baby to finalise & attend.

    Kwik Fit have made this time more difficult by applying pressure to my partner, so that he returned to work ASAP.
    My complaint to Kwik Fit is that we as a couple were not given adequate time together to grieve for the loss of our child.

  14. Peter Cooper says:

    Had an interesting experience with Kwik-fit Mobile on a Motabiliy contract job for my partner’s son mobility vehicle. Although initial experience was not at all good – having failed to meet a contracted tyre fitting prior to MOT – Fleet customer services arranged a separate company to come and do the work and, after my complaining via their website complaints form, to the Kwik-Fit CEO directly and to Motability, I was rung directly by a Despatch Centre manager who apologised profusely and offered £50 M&S vouchers in view of the lack of service we had received from the original member of staff. Can only say that I was very impressed with their sense of corporate responsibility.

  15. I feel very sorry for the couple who lost there baby but what they are
    Saying is very true Kwikfit opps managers treat there staff like dogs
    And bully them the harassment is on a daily basis 4to5 times a day
    Phone calls tex massages if you stand up to them they make your life
    Hell trust me I’ve worked here for 20 + years all they want is to get every penny out of customers and don’t care how they get it which is a shame
    There is no customer retention
    Opps managers are a big problem and think they are a law on to them selfs

  16. amalia gilkes says:

    I phoned Kwik fit today to cancel my insurance as my car needed MOT and service and being an old car that was found to be rusty, the high cost of repair was not worth anymore. I hade only been 6 months insured with this company and was told I had to pay £80 cancellation fee. When I said that was a lot to pay the man said if I did not pay they were going to send a debt collector for the money. I found that extremely rude. I am an older lady who has never pay her debts but I made the contract in the internet and cannot find the equivalent of a leaflet saying about cancellation after 14 days of taking the insurance. They never sent me a leaflet through the post.
    ut it was the attitude of the employee that got me. Unfortunately when one tries to find something cheaper you also get a cheaper service. I have never had a claim in my entire life. Never again with this company when I get another car.

  17. Miss Kaur says:

    I had my car serviced through VW last year, telling me I needed to get my tyres replaced in the next few months. So today I went to Kwik fit in Uxbridge where I was informed that my tyre had been fitted in the wrong size. It should have been a 195 and was fitted with a 185. Records showed that I had it changed in Hayes kwik fit, so I was advised to go there and ask for a replacement free of charge which I did. I arrived at Hayes explained the situation and remained calm. The manager told me he would have to speak to senior management because the tyres were 2 years old and I should have noticed this sooner. I explained that I paid for a service and trust in kwik fit and that I was not an expert in cars or have much knowledge on cars! After his call he said he would replace the tyre and that it should have been picked up when I had a mot done as this was a mot failure. I agreed and pointed out that again I am not an expert and was disappointed that my service and mot vw did not pick up on this and I would be speaking with them. I expected the manager to be a bit apologetic and also even offer me a discount as good will towards the replacement of the other 3 tyres but nope! He did nothing but make me feel that it was my fault for not checking! I said I should be compensated as I had been driving around for 2 years with the wrong size tyre and this could have affected the condition of my car perhaps causing more damage or tear on the other tyres due to the wrong one! He said no this would have had no effect on your safety or the condition of your car or caused it any strain or impacted in its performance. I said if he was so sure I would like that in writing! He refused saying it was not company policy! I left there feeling really upset that I was treated with no respect and being a female felt really threatened being around a group of men trying to explain how I felt about their error! The conversation between us carried on for some time and again he should have taken me to the side and explained and maybe even apologised! Instead I was expressing my concerns whilst other customers were in the store! I actually went in to get the tyre replaced and a big sorry, instead I walked out feeling disgusted at the service the approach and would never go back to the Hayes Kwik Fit again! The manager thought he was doing me a favour by replacing the tyre and I should be grateful 2 years on! Maybe yes! But still it could have so easily have been resolved if he just said sorry Madame this shouldn’t have happened but here us 10% off your next order of tyres, as we can see you need them replaced! I haven’t put down half the rubbish he came out with as this email is dear too long! Am I over reacting or do I have a point ? If yes should I be sending a complaint to head office! Feedback would be highly appreciated ! Stressed out female who knows little about cars 🙁

  18. kam says:

    Took my car in to Sutton Coldfield Kwik Fit to get my wheels balanced. Took the car home noticed two dents on the front driver side arch. Took it straight back and assistant manager was taking no responsibility for it. Rather than say we will look into said we wont be taking responsibility for it and was argumentative.. bought it just last week so know where marks etc are. said the manager will contact me in the week – however the attitude of the assistant manager was not sympathetic but taking no responsibility for it – no formal complaints procedure – noted in book.
    Went to get wheels balanced – simple job come back with a damaged front wing.

  19. John fitzpatrick says:

    Hi, a kwik fit guy damaged my van as he was parked next to it getting parts, after he moved,I noticed a dent in my door ,I rang his manager, the driver phoned denying everything, then sending abusive texts saying as he had no damage I could prove nothing, Streatham ,London branch, I complained to kwik fit customer service online, I have not heard anything back from them,

  20. Jessica says:

    I am having a nightmare with kwik fit insurance at the moment, I have cancelled my policy as was granted a disability car! No on can help becoming disabled and they have charged me over £600 to pay for cancelling when I have had no claims and was on a old corsa. I have told them I cancelled due to no fault of my own! I have had to have a mobility car as I can not use a normal car and they are demanding this money with two debt collectors. I have paid around 300 off and sent letter after letter. I do not know what else to do or if there is anything I can do. If anyone has any advice or help would be much appreciated.

  21. Mark Pearne says:

    Three visits to get simple service, brake pads and tyres changed.
    Complete waste of a day bringing car the night before and walking home only to be told tyres needed to be ordered in.

  22. D C says:

    Decided never to use kwik krook again some 10 years ago after being sickened by their lies about false work being needed. Tyres, brakes, exhausts, alignments shockers – yes they are shockers….
    Was stuck for a tyre recently so very reluctantly went in to get it done at one of their squalid little hovels.
    Pretty straightforward? Yes it should have been until I was subjected to what seems to be another of their iniquitous practices. The little chav / ned / spivv said he had noticed my exhaust was a bit loose so had replaced the centre section clamp bolts free of charge as good customer service. Great I thought until I thought about who was saying this – my sixth sense was in overdrive !
    A week later the exhaust started to blow. Took the car to my usual garage and low and behold ….what these cretins had done was replace perfectly good bolts with tiny ones knowing they would soon break and hey presto I would go back to them remembering that very nice chap who fixed it for nothing last time and sell me a new exhaust ? Fat chance mate.
    I know this is the case as I had fitted the original bolts myself previously !
    Overall I am actually glad I went back. Just to confirm in my mind what a bunch
    of scheisters they really are.
    I hereby PROMISE that I will NEVER set foot in one of their disgusting industrial units again as long as I live,

  23. David Fairhurst says:

    I’ve just been researching online after my experiences with Kwik Fit… thought I was alone so good to hear so many people are being misled / ripped off by Kwik Fit. I took my Honda S2000 into Kwik Fit Sandhurst a couple of weeks ago as I had decided to sell and needed am MOT.

    The car had been stored in my garage for 2 years and had only done 500 miles since the last MOT, for which it had 4 new tyres on new wheels, rebuilt calipers, new brake lines, new coilover shock absorbers, new driveshafts, new brake discs and pads. The car failed it’s MOT for bad brakes (light surface rust on the discs, as expected after 2 years… cleaned up in 5 minutes with some sandpaper), plus ‘Advisories’ on the MOT fail came up with ‘tread low on all 4 tyres’ and ‘all 4 shock absorbers leaking’ (I had sprayed them with WD40 to prevent any corrosion). The MOT tester even tried to convince me that I had put the slotted brake discs on the wrong way… shows he knows bugger all about performance cars!

    I had a buyer lined up for the car, cash in hand, so their dodgy tactics have cost me an awful lot of money…

    I now fully believe that Kwik Fit are pushing their staff into failing cars in order to sell more tyres, shock absorbers, brakes… whatever they can!

    Needless to say, I will never set foot in one of their establishments ever again.

  24. jon says:

    SLOW FIT is more like it, 2 days for an mot and full service with my company van, low and behold the same thing happened last year, and this time i have written down the milage, because i know your driving it instead of Kwik fixing it.

  25. OD says:

    I had booked for an MOT and full service online, including

    fuel cleaner and brake fluid replacement. I also booked the collection and delivery since i did not want to take time off from work. Centre: St James Road, Croydon.

    1. Day of collection(Tuesday):
    8:45 am – I get a call from the centre to check if i am

    still waiting for collection.

    10:39 am – nobody has collected the car, i make a call, cant reach the centre, call the customer line and they call the St James Road, Croydon centre. I am told, i will receive a call before someone comes to collect. I am promised collection will be done before 12:00 am.

    12:00 am – no collection of car yet. I call customer care
    again, put on hold again, now customer care cannot get in
    touch with collection service, I am told that nothing will
    happen today, can we rearrange with another centre, and all rubbish apologies and I am rebooked for thursday at a
    different centre.

    2. Actual Day of collection(thursday)

    8:00 am car is collected and sent to Mitcham Road centre
    Croydon – excellent i think
    2:00 pm i get a call for rear brake pads – i ask them to be fit them – i am charged for the brake pads – all good.
    6:00 pm – i have the car at home and i am checking the
    invoice. They have done an interim service when i asked for full service, they have not done the fuel cleaner, they have not done the brake fluid replacement. So they did not do anything that i asked for – right from the start of the web order.

    3. Day after collection – again on the phone with kwik-fit – 15 mins to explain the issue with the invoice and work done – and request for a refund processed.

    Moral of the story : You guys have no control or clue of how to get your processes right. And you guys have no ability for damage control either.

    They just lost a customer ! And its not their fault if their jobs go to bangalore !

  26. powerslave says:

    I am not proud to say this,but I served my time with kwik fit,and my manager at the time booked an old Ford Escort in for an exhaust check.Once he had it on the ramp,and shown the customer (an elderly chap) what was wrong,the chap replied “yes,that’s fine,just go ahead and replace it”
    We couldn’t get the part from our supplier in time,so I was told to “strip it down and WELD where the hole was,and then wire brush the exhaust,and then SPRAY it with silver spray paint and then refit it on the car!!
    I informed my manager that this was not how I worked,and I was told “if you don’t do as your told,I’ll suspend you!!!!”
    Needless to say,I got suspended,and took them the whole 9 yards in court.NEVER ever use these cowboys,they have no interest in the staff or their customers.All their interested in is getting £1 bonus for every tyre they sell,£1 bonus for every credit card account that gets accepted,£1 bonus for every wheel alignment they do!!They still spray wd40 on shock absorbers and tell customers that it’s oil leaking from the seal,and they will continue to do so until an someone from trading standards goes undercover and catches them in the act.

  27. David says:

    Took my Mini Cooper to Kwikfit Bishops Stortford for its first MOT (after 30k miles)…was told all 4 brake pads and discs worn to rivets..£350 to a mug I agreed to get the MOT…30k miles later (ie at 60k miles) took it to Kwikfit Norwich expecting pads to be ready for a free replacement under lifetime guarantee..was told they were fine..another 30k miles later (ie at 90k miles) took it back again and same response..when I asked them why the discs and pads needed replacing after 30k miles (when I was paying) but are fine after a further 60k miles (when they are paying) I was told the MOT rules had been relaxed in the meantime so they now need replacing less often!!

    Took my BMW 3 series to Kwik Fit Norwich for 30k miles service…they phoned to say rear brakes and pads worn to rivets..’def MOT fail’..£390 to replace..I hesitated and immediately the price reduced to £305..I asked them why only the rear brakes worn (fronts were fine) and was told probably my driving style to blame (don’t all 4 wheels cover the same mileage at same speed?).. I asked them why the brake warning light hadn’t come on..was told the brakes were so bad the contact wire had worn away (so why had it NEVER come on in the first place?)..I refused to have the work done…when I collected the car was told sheepishly that the rear brakes would be OK for a few 000s miles yet and they had replaced the ‘faulty’ wear contact wire free of charge.

  28. Robett Wilson says:

    Kwik fit Whetstone replaced the front discs and pads on my car. The day after fitting they started to squeal badly. I took the car back to the depot fir them to be checked. They told me to leave the car and they would call me when it was ready. Two hours later (still no call) I returned to see what was going on. They told me they couldn’t find any problems. My car was still where I’d left it and the odometer reading hadn’t changed so I know for a fact they hadn’t moved it. Over the next nine months the car went back to them six times to be checked and every time they did… NOTHING. I made a complaint to customer services who did… NOTHING. The noise from the brakes was so bad I tried avoiding using the car whenever I could. I finally gave up and had the work done again by another garage who told me the parts used were total rubbish. Not what you expect for nearly £300. I called Kwik fit again to ask for a refund and they simply refused to entertain the notion. I will NEVER use them again.

  29. chudley says:

    went to my LOCAL kwik fit with my car to Have a flat tyre repaired or changed i arrived via flatbed as was rescued from home, when we arrived was told that they could not deal with it as their system had gone down,although i had rang in advance and got a price i asked if they could still repair the tyre or replace and pay by card and pick up the reciept later, was told No as the card machine was down as well what a load of B/S then went to another kwik fit a few more miles away then to be told i had a 2 hour wait and believe me they were not busy, they also tried to tell me that i needed a new tyre as i had come off the rim , i told the man that the tyre off the rim was due to it being moved onto the flatbed lorry and that it had not been driven that way they then tried to say it had and then with that the recovery man took me to another tyre depot wich was Not Kwik fit and i was right it didnt need a new tyre just a slight adjustment to the rim as it had a dent in and they fixed it in ten mins

  30. neil says:

    had flat tyre..other tyres knackered didn have time to shop round so opted for kwick fit 25% off 4 pirelli so though ok..however when u examine the bill closely i paid full price including extras chucked on..the total price paid was exactly the same as the total bill at start and the was a little magic box telling me id saved there saying the original price of tyre plus fitting is 174 when u can get same tyres on net for 113 rip off company

  31. Sue Matthews says:

    I, too, have had my fourth experience of KWIK FIT’s incompetency and, in this instance, rudeness.
    I made the mistake of getting locked into the tyre hotel – one leaves summer or winter tyres and has the relevant set fitted
    As the website failed to work ( as usual) I went to KWIK FIT on Ashford Road, Eastbourne.
    After cajoling the fitter, he called up the online centre for me. The call taker stated that, yes, the website wasn’t working and I should make an appointment directly with the centre.
    An appointment was duly made for 9am this morning. Both my husband and I wrote the date and time in our respective diaries whilst at the Eastbourne branch.
    I commented that, whilst always having an appointment time, it had never been adhered to and the whole palaver of tyre change had previously taken 3-4 hours.
    I was to that, if I came at 8.30, I would be guaranteed immediate service.
    I arrived at KWIK FIT this morning to find a suited gentleman stepping out of his car – which, by my calculations made me second in the queue.
    Not so! The gentleman walked up to a fitter who was sunning himself and, upon showing his paperwork, asked if he could leave his keys and collect the car later. He was met with a resounding, “no”. It appeared a reasonable request to me
    Suited gentleman left with his briefcase and, I admit to a frisson of excitement as I was now first in the queue.
    8.30am arrived and 5 of us trooped into Reception. I duly reported my name/ appointment time, reiterating that I had been told I would be dealt with immediately.
    How wrong I was. I was told I did not have an appointment today but had had one last Saturday. How on earth could both my husband and I have written the supposed incorrect date in our diaries. Why would I have made an appointment for 6/6 when I was on Community First Responder duty??
    Of course, I did not receive an apology, just the computer ‘s screen turned towards me. Of course, no paperwork was given when the appointment had been made.
    It was clear from the fitter’s face that I was wrong and he was right- because the computer said so although the data had been put in by a human. Fitter then said in a condescending voice, he WOULD fit me in but it would be around the other people.
    At this stage, it was a case of leaving or having to sell administer the defibrillator in my boot.
    On my arrival at home I rang KF to ask for the phone number of the area manager! Ha! All those reading these blogs will know if isn’t KF’s “policy” to issue this. One has to leave one’s contact details to enable the AM to ring at his convenience.
    I then rang the Customer Services number to be given the same policy spiel. I must admit the CS’s operative was the first KF employee I had encountered today with any manners.
    I duly gave my phone number and asked if the AM would speak with my husband ASAP as I had a busy schedule and had to go out.
    AM did ring, telling my husband he had spoken to the fitter ( of course he had) who had said that I was told my tyres would be fitted at 9. Absolutely untrue.
    The upshot is:
    1. Ebley Tyres in Eastbourne now have my summer tyres and are fitting them tomorrow at a lower price than KF. This price also includes whelk balancing etc etc which KF charge extra for.

    2. Ebley Tyres will store my winter tyres at no cost.
    3 – but, certainly not least, I am out of KF’s vicious circle!! Hurray.

  32. Frank Ryan says:

    Tyres on line quote £82 each. They tell me they will undercut Arnold Clark who are doing 4 Hankooks for £80. When I arrive they do not have the tyres. They offer me a discount on Goodyears. I take 2 but they remove the two good tyres and dump them in basket. Manager asks me to come out and look at my tyres = point out they have taken wrong ones off. He then offers me 4 Goodyears and when I get home discover I have been overcharged from on-line price by £100. Kwik Fit response to formal complaint – it’s at the local managers discretion how much they charge you? Never Again!

  33. Pete says:

    I took my tyre into Kwik fit Cleveleys Lancashire for a puncture repair. The guy who I assume is the Manager dealt with me. I was told to leave the wheel (which had the tyre on)and return in about an hour. When I returned the same guy marched me over to a tyre and gave a long explanation as to why the tyre could not be repaired. He was off hand and arrogant. I let him continue telling me about Kwik Fit policies etc. He then pointed to areas on the tyre that he thought might be illegal. I then said to him that that was not my tyre, the wheel I had brought in had had the tyre repaired and was ready for collection. No apologies from this guy what so ever. Not even as he was taking payment. I have used this branch since 2003 and had no problems, the staff where always efficient and polite but not anymore. His customer service was nil, I will look around now and find another garage if this is the best Kwik Fit can manage. Never again with this new Manager, he is a waste of space.

  34. Morrie Barbour says:

    I had my car MOTd by Kwik Fit, Fossil Island, York they failed it on brakes said you had to the peddle to the ground to break which was rubbish but as its a lease hire car the work had to be done and they could not do it for 5 days.

    As I was on holiday for one week left the car and came back Saturday after an picked it.

    Drove my kids home, next day drove to Glasgow from York but car never felt right and got worse the longer I went but had to get to Glasgow to take my mother to hospital.

    When I got to Glasgow took my car to Kwik Fit in Paisley they checked it and found that the front offside barkes had been put on wrong the bolts were either not on or not tight and had fallen off. The brakes were dead, the brake pipes, allow wheel everything had to be replace.

    Call from Kwik fit to apologise from Ian Pepperil York Manager said they would pay everything included expenses and would disucss after on compensation for inconvenience and risk (my kids were in that car)

    Got car back after 4 days got my mum to doctors and hospital but missed all my key business meetings that week. Ian Pepperil promised to call back I had to chase everything and since car returned no call courtesy or otherwise, no expenses no nothing

    On get my car back Kwik Fit Paisley confirmed they had checked the other 3 brakes and they had to be tightened also….

    I am amazed they take so lightly the risk they out to my family and the inconvenience they caused they did the minimum required to fix what they had broken in the time they wanted …

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