How seriously are you taking social media management?

The subject of social media management is a key element to any successful social media strategy – after all, somebody has to research, sift, manage and distribute social media content across a company’s social media platforms to create impact and engage an audience.

Social media management, however, is often low on the list of priorities on the social media marketing of many.

I found myself wondering why that was the case this week, having gained Certified Professional status from Hootsuite, the most popular social media management platform currently available.

As I write this, only four other individuals in Bristol have invested and gained Hootsuite Certified Professional status.










I’ve been using Hootsuite since 2009, and have always found it the best social media management platform – investing in gaining Certified Professional status is another way of (officially) saying ‘this platform will help you – and let me show you how’ to clients.

The fact, however, that only four others in the supposed digital and creative Jewel in the South West’s Crown have also invested in social media management to this Pro level is somewhat concerning. How seriously is social media management being taken?

Given the number of newly-created and self-appointed social media experts out there across the region, the lack of investment in skills, real-time expertise in social media, and passion in providing professional social media management services seems at odds.

For me, Hootsuite is a must-have for effective social media management, for the following reasons:

* Easy pre-scheduling of social media content across numerous profiles

* Excellent analytics are available, making it a powerful marketing tool

* Everything is accessible in one platform, saving time on a daily basis

Without sounding harsh, engaging with a social media consultant who doesn’t take social media management seriously is like going to an accountant to discover that he doesn’t use a calculator.

A smart social media marketer professionally utilises tools and platforms to make the lives of their clients’ easier, more reportable, more measurable, more monitorable and more profitable.

As a comparison, in Cardiff there are currently 29 Hootsuite Certified Professionals. In London, the number of Hootsuite Pros is 46. In Bath, none are listed by Hootsuite. Clearly, social media management is a subject which many are overlooking at their peril.

For me, it’s a no-brainer: effective social media management saves time, delivers results and improves social media marketing. Tools and platforms such as Hootsuite go even further, providing accurate marketing information and statistics to boot.

I’m going to start running Hootsuite training courses from January, to provide education around this area – it appears to be needed. And having seen how much my clients have benefited from it since 2009, it should prove useful to others, too.

Are you taking your social media management seriously? Get in touch here to discuss booking a Hootsuite training session.

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2 Responses

  1. Great post and well written as usual sir. I am quite proud of getting 28 other people HSU certified in Cardiff. I know that you will be able add great value to your attendees and clients.

    Best of luck with the courses…


  2. Many thanks Allan – you’ve been a firm advocate of Hootsuite for some time now, and your inputs are always appreciated. Very much so!

    We both know the awesome benefits of Hootsuite. ‘Nuff said.

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