How to get 20 clients in 20 days using Enewsletter marketing

One of the benefits of effective social media engagement is the ability to promote useful content to your audience – including pulling targeted traffic back to your website and blog to begin relationship building around your services and products for future sales generation.

Using social media engagement to attract potential customers via eNewsletter marketing is also another brilliant benefit of smart social media marketing.

I’ve been using Madmimi as my preferred eNewsletter production and distribution platform for a few years now – mainly due to its brilliant usability as an effective communication platform. And let’s face it, an eNewsletter needs to be all about communication.


I also use Madmimi to produce and distribute client eNewsletters, too, usually on a monthly basis to a clean, opted-in client email database. Offering exclusive content and product or service offers to a receptive audience is always a smart marketing move.

But does eNewsletter marketing actually work? This is what one client said about their last eNewsletter, issued six days ago:

“We’ve been staggered at the success of the Enewsletter marketing delivered by Chris – the latest one has given us 20 new clients in 20 days. The direct engagement levels have been consistently over 60%, too, increasing our client retention and Brand awareness both online and offline.

If you’re looking for content marketing that delivers serious sales, contact Chris. Brilliant work, thank you!”

– Richard Hillier, Creative Director, Stages Hair Design

Obviously, the client was very pleased – which makes me happy, too.

One of the bigger-picture benefits of engaging with eNewsletter marketing is the ability to spread this content across social media platforms, creating a pull of new customers and clients, and driving traffic to a specific place. Sales are a welcome bonus.

My main point is this: using a combination of effective social media engagement, blog marketing, email marketing and eNewsletter marketing can drive an incredible amount of qualified, interested traffic to exactly where you want them to be.

From this perspective, using eNewsletter marketing as an engagement, promotion and selling tool works on all levels. The example above is not uncommon – I’ve seen clients sell out of products promoted on previous eNewsletters distributed.

The content, of course, has to be absolutely spot on, well packaged, and distributed in an attractive, Branded format.

If you’re considering using eNewsletter marketing to secure a bigger audience share and increase sales, get in touch here.

If you’d like free social media marketing hints and tips delivered monthly to your email inbox, simply sign up here.

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