Kwik Fit – for whom the bell tolls, via BBC Watchdog

Well, after much editorial input and a huge number of customer complaints here (all unanswered by Kwik Fit management) the bell is tolling for this crafty corporate.

A corporate which delivers life-threatening service, shocking customer treatment, and appalling employee practices, too, judging by some of the feedback on the anti-fan Facebook page established on the back of my original blog. Now, payback time.

BBC Watchdog will be highlighting Kwik Fit in their flagship, primetime programme this Thursday evening. To millions.

No more running, no more evasion, no more silence – the bell is tolling for you, Ian Fraser, Simon Benson, Dave Rees and associates. Your corporate PR team can’t save you now. Karmic Law in action. Bring it on.

Tweet your pre-programme thoughts and inputs to BBC Watchdog’s Twitter feed. Let’s ensure the show hits Kwik Fit hard.

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108 Responses

  1. LeanneL says:

    I have just found this blog and would like to express my own experience with the Kwit Fit in Barry, South Wales. I was randomly driving along a fortnight ago when my engine management light started flashing and the car lost a little power. Being the driver of a vw golf, this one in particular a 57 plate with 60,000 miles on the clock, I already predicted the fault to be a minor common issue, the coil pack (even if I’m a woman – impressed, eh?). I took the car straight to Kwit Fit, about 100 yards down the road. Kwik Fit kept my car for three days until a ‘specialist’ (again, I repeat a MINOR issue) could deal with the issue. I received a phone call on the predicted day to inform me that not only one, but all four coils needed replacement, including the plugs and an exhaust cleaner.

    I was then contacted two hours later to inform me that my car also had an engine fault. In bits, I got a taxi to teh garage and was handed the keys of this now somewhat undrivable car! I got the AA to tow me to the nearest vw specialist, who has now today informed me that the engine has seized. Looks like the car was revved the shit out of and freezing cold water has been poured over it – it is THAT bad! The whole engine is cracked and shooting water. Lets hope Kwik Fit do the honest thing and admit liability?

    Moral of this particular story – DRIVE the car into Kwik Fit for a silly little issue, gain the car back a write off!

    I will be pursuing this, and hopefully one day, judging by the experience of others, Kwik Fit will be brought down!!!

  2. val mcclelland says:

    had suspention arms put on my ka street car after 6 mths car went out of control kwik fit in bear cross dorset sai nothing wrong that they could see even though i had a idea it was the work they had done took it to another garage and they sai im lucky im still here as they put one on for a ka street car and the other side was for a normal ka and altogether it cost 500.00 thats with the original job by kwik fit and the second garage to put right what they did any one know where to go from here to get some money back or is it a waste of time HELP !!!!!!

  3. M B says:

    I had similar unhealthy experience with Kwik fit unit in Scotland. Charged double the actual costs of the parts supplied and fitted and denied to produce an invoice for the actual cost of the parts. They also could not detect a major fault during a full service and within a couple of weeks after the full service the car broke down on the road, which could have resulted in a major accident with fatality. Do not understand how come such rouge traders are allowed to continue their business in this so called developed country.

  4. My granddaughter took her car to kwik fit to get a new tyre which had a faulty valve. She is 19 and when they asked did she know much about tyres she said not really. They told her not only did she have one faulty valve she had altogether three bad tyres. She asked how much would it be to sort the tyres out and they told her it would cost her £262. What they didn’t know was my son was outside waiting for her, she went to tell him and he told them no way to the tyres, only one needed doing and he called them rip off merchants. We have since had them checked and surprise surprise only one tyre needed replacing. My mobility car always goes there if the tyre needs replacing but I have to ask how much are they ripping motor biliary off.

  5. AndyH says:

    Took my niece to Kwik Fit at weekend with what we thought was a faulty valve on her rear offside tyre. They told her she needed THREE new tyres (the suspect one and both front ones) and quoted her £264 to replace them (£196 if she wanted budget tyres). I thought this was steep (and a bit suspect), so took her to my usual garage, who confirmed there was nothing wrong with the front tyres and replaced her rear tyre for a mere £45. Bit of a difference there!

  6. duane says:

    hi i used to work for these rip off merchants i have recently been sacked because people didn’t like the way that i worked and my honesty i would say to anyone who is gong to use them don’t bother go elsewhere i know how they work they are always ripping people off to meet their daily targets which i think is wrong but they will keep doing as they can get away with it stay away from kwik fit and use local garages as they are cheaper than kwik fit

  7. Ian says:

    My daughter was quoted £668.80 by Kwik-Fit (Borehamwood)to repair a faulty exhaust. I collected the car and took it to a small independent exhaust replacement garage who repaired the fault for £75.

    Kwik-Fit wanted to replace the whole exhaust – the indi garage just replaced the back silencer.

  8. Nicola says:

    I took my car to Kwik Fit, Cardiff for an MOT. My car is 11 years old and has never failed an MOT. I have it serviced regularly and though it is old and rattles a little, it is a good car. I went back to collect my car and I was told my car had failed, due to faulty washers and windscreen wiper and I needed the brushes changing on the front anti-roll bars. I knew they were a little worn, but I was told by my mechanic it was not a problem, just that it would be noisy. I took my car away and had it re-MOT’d, my car passed. I DID NOT have my brushes replaced, I DID NOT have a new windscreen wiper EITHER but I did have to have the washer pipe repaired as it had been snapped off. SHAME ON YOU KWIK FIT.

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