Live to blog, blog to influence

The power of blog influence is something I’ve been an advocate of for quite a while – since 2005, in fact, when I first started blogging for myself and others after a number of years in newspaper and magazine newsrooms.

But, on this occasion, I’m letting others do the advocating of blogging and blogging outreach on my behalf – many thanks, in particular, must go to the thought-leading Brian Solis for the phrase-titling this blog for me: ‘Live to blog, blog to influence.’










Brian’s outstanding blog examining the State of the Blogosphere for 2011 is a thorough, readable, and highly thought-provoking discourse from Technorati’s annual report on the blogosphere.

Some of Brian’s main points on blogging outreach need to be reiterated – largely because I passionately agree with them, but also because at times the world of blogging can seem i. daunting, ii. risk-laden, and iii. impossible to measure as a successful marketing channel – or, at times, all of the above.

So, in no particular order, the main points I wanted to highlight around blogging influence from Brian’s inputs are:

* Long-term bloggers can identify real ROI

This is true – the longer a person or business blogs, the greater their chance of deriving multiple forms of ROI from blogging outreach. Those who manage to stay out of the frightening 70% of new blogs which quit or fail in the first 12 months, and continue to blog with vigour, expertise and openness reap rewards. The message here? Keep going, don’t give up – it’s worth it.

* Our patience for marketing speak is eroding

As Brian points out, customers online are looking less to corporate speak, and more to business blogs which lead through insight and resolution. This means, in effect, that blogging outreach is a preferred method online and across social media platforms for customers to connect with businesses. This trend is increasing. Is your blog marketing open and inclusive, or closed and sterile?

* Blogs live longer than Tweets or status updates

The online shelf-life of a blog has far more influence than any other form of social media content, and this leverage alone should make blogging outreach an increasingly powerful and popular reason to utilise blog marketing in 2012. The added benefits of Social Media Optimisation (SMO) means a blog is pure dynamite when it comes to truly effective, long-term social media marketing.

Final word:

Does this final statement from Brian inspire or intimidate?

“Whether it’s to demonstrate thought leadership, earn authority, generate leads, change perception or sentiment, blogs continue to lead the way while disrupting traditional media along the way.”

For me, it’s inspiring.

And it reaffirms a key message – Live to blog, blog to influence.

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