SEO copywriting delivers 700% ROI for Bristol client

Although I don’t blog much about SEO copywriting services provided, it was rewarding to see a Bristol client penning a fantastic testimonial around this last week – particularly as they’d seen an ROI of more than 700% within four weeks.

Professional SEO copywriting can make the difference between visibility and obscurity for a business online – and with the power of search engines providing to be imperative for any company, communicating the right message with website copy is vital.






The results for the Bristol client from the SEO copywriting were spectacular – but I’ll let them to do the talking:

“The SEO copywriting service delivered by Chris has been outstanding. Following a full review, re-design and re-write of our website, we saw a more than 700% increase in traffic from Google in the first month alone.

Our new online presence continues to dominate Google for key search terms and industry phrases, and we’re consistently found above our key competitors in the marketplace. A brilliant return on our investment!”

– Peter Cawley, Managing Director, Universal Aluminium Systems

The actual figure was 712%, but I’m not going to be pedantic – the service, quite simply, worked. The initial SEO copywriting services are being further bolstered by an effective Blog Marketing programme, too, ensuring prime placement on Search – it’s not enough to re-write a website and walk away.

Content Marketing is a constant and evolving strategy.

As I write this, another client has seen multiple listings on Google Page One for their core services – within three weeks of the website and blog going live. More to follow on that one in a separate blog post.

The bottom line? If you’re not being found online, chances are that your competitors are winning new business from you.

I’ve always been an advocate of placing content at the centre of any communications programme, online marketing strategy, or social media marketing plan – and testimonials like the one above clearly highlight the reasons why it’s a critical consideration.

Why not spend 10 minutes now popping a few key search terms and phrases for your industry through Google, and seeing what comes back. Are you happy with the results? Are you dominating Google within your niche?

Whilst you’re there, type ‘proven social media consultant‘ into Google, too. It’s one I made earlier. Two years ago, in fact.

Contact me here if you need effective SEO copywriting services.

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