What have ‘Kwik Fit complaints’ and ‘Kwik Fit Managing Director’ got in common?

Answer? Try these phrase searches on Google, and you’ll be brought here.

The ongoing blog post about the Kwik Fit deathtrap car blog (another popular Google search phrase at the moment) has reached great heights – more than 100 hits per day, with numerous comments on the blog post itself and the anti-fan page on Facebook.

Other popular routes to the undoing of Kwik Fit’s reputation (a hugely-popular search phrase in the last 3 weeks) include:

Kwik Fit operations manager

Kwik Fit Ian Fraser

Kwik Fit Simon Benson

Kwik Fit Dave Rees

Kwik Fit service reviews

Kwik Fit Bristol

Kwik Fit Whiteladies Road

Kwik Fit Head Office telephone number

Kwik Fit Rob Sandow

Kwik Fit rip-off

These are the top ones at the moment, but the list goes on – and each damaging search term makes an impact on Google, as we know. It’s an incredibly-interesting exercise, and I am noting that Kwik Fit seem to be investing more heavily in search terms and SEO at the moment – obviously in an attempt to keep unhappy customers such as myself from gaining Google rank with our accounts of atrocious service and life-threatening mechanical work undertaken by a corporate who really should know better. The consumer PR’s best effort to date has been an attempt to rubbish the story with a journalist on a daily newspaper. Tut tut.

I am, to be honest, loving the interactions. The hundreds of other ex-Kwik Fit customers who have got in touch with their sorry stories, the countless comments on the blog post, the cutting disdain from ex-Kwik Fit customer on the Facebook anti-fan page, the tweets and retweets from many, many followers. It all adds up to an extremely messy online reputation management case.

I certainly wouldn’t want to be the PR Account Director in charge of sorting this mess out by smoothing over the Press, or attempting to silence an unsilenceable Google build-up of customer condemnation. Treat your customers properly please.

Wait til the eBook on corporate reputation and Kwik Fit is published imminently. That should shake things up still further. Maybe it won’t be of the proportions of recent social media uproar caused by Nestle, but it’s already costing Kwik Fit thousands of customers, a massive hit to online reputation, a total white-walling on social media platforms, and a significant dent in Brand trust overall.

The big question for me is: Would I buy anything from a company which had been consistently slated online by customers? More importantly – would you? And of course, the final question – would anybody? Did silence ever sound so deafening I wonder.

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32 Responses

  1. Christine says:

    Kwick fit not only shaft customers but also shaft employees

  2. Ray says:

    At the site where I took a “none charge holding battery” Still under guarantee using another car. I was told to bring in the car with a flat battery so they could test the electrics. This could be started with jump leads. I have made several calls to see if we were still in dispute after they had examined the electrics on my car would they start the car with jump leads to enable me to drive home. Immediately I mention “under guarantee” they ring off. What is the point of this behaviour? (Except to loose customers). GO ELSEWHERE

  3. Linda says:

    *… “I rang ‘kwik fit’ to say they have kept back two (2) out of four (4) wheel locking nuts.” This was yet another of their blunders!

    I have taken my car to kwik fit, but over a few years I have had a number of things go wrong after they purportedly worked on the car. ie. new pipe work that leaked, breaks & disks etc…etc…They resolved problems eventually, speaking with someone who has reasoning and customer service acumen.

    On this occasion, (Kwik fit, Manager Jay Miah) charged me for work they not carried out. Having looked at the receipt and asked how they had carried out the tracking for which they charged! Yet the work of getting the track rod ends had not been carried out.

    I complained! Paul Lyell area manager, who just happened to be at that branch on the day I rang. He gave back all my money but said I had been banned from Kwik fit at Stafford Street Wolverhampton.

    Therefore, when I rang *…
    The manager on the day, Jay Miah said “You are banned and therefore, I am not going to do anything about it! You can’t come here or phone!” And put the phone down on me!

    I had reason to complain about his rude behavior previously, about a sexually related comment he had made!

    This does not seem at all fare or right in view of the situation!

    I have now taken my car to a reputable garage and have had the track rod ends replaced! Which incidentally, cost a fraction of what Kwik fit had charged for not doing the work! The garage said, “Kwik fit use mechanical tools to remove locking wheel nuts, we use manual, and managed to take them off. Mechanical wheel nuts when removed tend to get so far then if not careful, the last part is pulled and the threads get worn and damaged.’

    So, Kwik fit have damaged wheel nut locks, then kept back two of the four locks that were not damaged.

    Impossible! How to resolve this?… Help Mr Paul Lyell

  4. Dave says:

    I have just had my volvo serviced and mot at my local branch.They range me at 13.22hrs stating that i needed my front brake hoses replaced along with the fluid or they would not release it and it would fail the MOT this would be at the cost of £174.33p knowing that i had no options open to me .I have now been incontact with 3 main volvo dealers who could not come even close to your price (all well under)i feel that i have been cheated and if i do not get some answers my next course of action will be the local papers and what car.A reply i seek ASAP.
    Yours very angry
    Mr D A Rundle

  5. M.El-Kilany says:

    I have been to kwick-fit Portchester, after i had my MOT done, i asked to have wheel Palance to be done, the guy who started working on my car broke the wheel locking nut althogh damaged the thread,speaking to the manager Karl who’s done nothing about it after taking £10.– in cash with no recipt givin to me.
    and thin I had to drive to BMW to get a replacement wheel locking nut and left with only four bolts in the front wheel.not only this i had a another manager Aleen Chapman calling me over the phone saying they have done nothing wrog and this wheel nut that snapt is not there fault, abart from beeng rude to me and saying we are not going to urgu, and who want to urgu with People like this with no customer service or know how to talk to there customer.
    this Problem could have been resolved by paying £10.– for the wheel nut and get some one to sort the thread for another £10.–? and Problem is sorted.

    very boor custmer service
    very angry and unhappy customer
    MR.M El-Kilany

  6. TheFamousCash says:

    “The Great Kwik-fit Rip off !”

    Watchdog’s report about Kwik-fit’s overcharging and doing work which was not necessary. The internet is littered with complaints about thier work.

    To add my experience with them:- My car was a bit low front nearside. I suspected shock absorber and took it in to Murrayfield branch. It was jacked up by means which allowed wheels to drop and I was shown the coil spring had snapped.

    Bringing the car down without re-seating the spring rendered the car “Too dangerous to drive”. I was forced to leave the vehicle over the new year although I was told it would cost £ 170 ! I retorted that was far too expensive. (Part would cost me about £30 and they would get it cheaper.) They declared it was a fair price and the office made up the charges. I expressed my annoyance at beoing blackmailed. ( On collection of the car they charged £180 !)

    They ignored my initial email complaint although I did get a call from the guy who saw my car! How unprofessional is that? The area manager did say he would give refund if I found a better quote. I allocated an hour to find a few proper garages on the net. I found seven. They were all around £100. From £57 plus part to a whopping £120. Still only two-thirds of their price.

    Subsequently received a letter from head office from a person in “Customer Services” although my communiacations all addressed to Complaints Manager. That person appeared to have only a forename. Again unprofessional. Letter staed they had “Closed the case”.

    My third email, last Friday has not been acknowledged.

    I have advised my Member of Parliament, Watchdog and will be letting as many people and sites know of this as I can reasonably contact.

    Kwik-fit WILL be held accountable! They picked the wrong person with whom to mess!

  7. Steve Hickson says:

    Is this blog still in use as I just thought this should be added to it as the Kwik-fit sharp practices still continue, I have just sent the attached to their customer services department.
    I guess this will be ignored based on the number of complaints on Twitter and the various websites about but I feel I need to add to that growing list. On Saturday 16th February 2013, my wife went to your Branch 189 at Orpington as a result of a slow puncture to her front drivers wheel. This was taken off and examined and told that it had a nail in it. The operative then promptly examined the rest of the tyres and told her that they all need replacing and because they were low profile he would do it for £400 which included a discount. He said they were illegal as they were five years old and worn. In fact the car was three years old and had been purchased from new and had only done 17,000 to top it all it had just had an MOT and sailed through. He then promptly said the front could be replaced at a price of £200. The car was an Hyundai I10 they do not have low profile tyres they are standard, there are no rules or regulations that state a tyre must be replaced at five years. We have subsequently taken the car to Hyundai that repaired the puncture £12.00 not £400 or £200, there appears to be a great need to get your operatives retrained they should not attempt to frighten and intimidate lone woman customers with the police or that their tyres are illegal just to drum up business. I and my family will not be using your company again and will be informing the rest of the family not to either. I would like to know what you intend to do about your operatives at that branch.

  8. Paul says:

    Well I have,been a KwikFit customer for several years using my local branch for tyres etc but having to use one 20miles away for MOT’s and servicing and have been satisfied until this year

    Earlier this year I needed a puncture repair taking the wheel into my localcentre and leaving it with them with my contact details. They contacted me saying I needed a new tyre I agreed to let them change the tyre after agreeing they had the same tyre and price as I had fitted earlier in the year, when collecting the wheel the cost of the trye was 20 pounds more on asking why they said,they did’nt have the tyre in stock but fitted a dearer one I paid under protest but emailed customer complaints who to be fair were very good the area manager contacted me and refuned me the difference plus a ten pound vou
    This week I booked my car on for aservice and MOT but had to use abranch I had never used before leaving the car with them I was contacted by them saying thecar needed a new shock absorber after discussing the price and agreeing I let them do the work on collecting the car they requested payment of over 100 pounds more I refused to pay saying that was not the price agreed after speaking to someone he came back and reduced the price I paid this ..

    On arriving home I checked the service paperwork and MOT on the service paperwork the shock absorber was described as having excess play reading the MOT it was just advisory with slight play also on the service sheet it said they could not check or reset tyre pressures as they were of non standard size which is nonsense as the tyres are of the same size as originally fitted by the manufactures AND KWIKFIT supplied and fitted and their is a plate on.the car with the tyre size and pressures
    They also charged me for front wheel tracking which I did not ask for ad it wad done a fee weeks before I have emails CS but thus far no reply

  9. Asif says:

    Today (15.3.13) I went to Kingston Kwik fit branch to get fix puncture of my car rear tyre. I was told the wait time is 30 to 45 minutes.

    I was happy to wait and get the job done. I arrived there about 2:30pm and leave the branch at 4:50pm with no job done.


    The attitude of the manager was as he do not care about any customer. He was so rude. Even, He do not have curtsey to say sorry for delay as we are very busy today. His words were, I do not care and its fine with me. I was so unhappy with his behavior towards customer. I ask him at 4:40pm is anyone can fix my car. He was so rude and replied to me. We are very busy so we will do it as we can. He had no respect for customer. There was not even a single word of sorry. Another customer’s car was on bay as in front of me in cue. He took 30 minutes to remove it from bay, even the customer had paid for it already. I saw him not moving the car from bay after the job and payment was done. He was talking and not bothering to ask any colleague to move the car and help customers. I ask him is anyone can fix my car. He treated me as I have mentioned above.

    How he was managing……………

    He had no botheration of customer care. He was just interested in MOT customer and the rest customers were not on his planning. The customers for tyre replacement and puncture were totally ignored. He had people around but do not interested to mobilize them as we customer get the job done and leave. He had no idea of planning and serve all customers.

    I have never seen such service before from Kwik fit. I will be not upset if I saw, he is doing his best, he cares customers and updating the customers with once magic word “SORRY”. I will be not upset If he do not say to me ” I do not care and it is fine to me”( means as I took my key and left the branch). His attitude was absolutely unacceptable.

    I do not know how much your organization bother customer complaints and feedback. Today, I feel kwik fit is not quick fit any more. Kwik fit is just interested in MOT services. If it is so then, I am sure, I will not go to Kwik fit ever again. I am also sure this year my three cars are not going to kwik fit for MOT.

  10. ted oneill says:

    put my car in for mot. fiat panda.it failed the mot. drop links. antirole bar both sides. pluse brakes 43% down. had a quote for they said about £265 00. i phoned 10 garages every one was well below there price. enterprise garage charged me £189 89 pence. car went back for retest. the brakes where under gaurentee, they looked at the brakes before retest. they said it needs new disc both sides, new pads, new sylinders. £240 00. went to enterprise, they said the disc where like new. the pads the same, only fitted last year.
    they fitted two new sylinders, that was all, they passed the car full mot. kwik fit maybe allright to fit tyers, but i would never never never,let them do a mot or any other work on my car ever again. rip off BASTARDS.

  11. Terry Ball says:

    This morning i took my car to Cannock kwikfit for a pre booked air con re-gas.
    when i returned to collect my car the fitter told me that a re-gas wasnt possible because the air con pump was broken.
    He then explained that he had priced up the new pump and labour etc and that they could sort the problem for “about £ 470.00 .
    I said no thanks as i am a qualified diesel technician and i could do it myself.
    I returned home and began to diagnose the problem .within thirty seconds i had found the air con fuse had blown.
    i replaced the fuse (25 Pence) and the air con works perfectly.
    My question is this, were your staff just incompetent,or just negligent or perhaps were they just out to rip me off.
    To test which it was i phoned the manager at Cannock,Wayne the manager was quite a revelation.
    he tried to tell me that he would have replaced the aircon pump etc and then when it didnt work he would have checked the fuse.
    And then when it worked he would have removed the new pump and replaced the old one and then only charged me for the fuse.
    Seriously i am not making this up.
    Now the point is if i had been an elderly person or a little bit less aware maybe vulnerable in some way i would have just paid up.
    I have found this experience deeply worrying especially after the recent dire publicity your company has had.
    In short the fitters at Cannock including the ridiculous manager are either incompetent,negligent or downright scam merchants
    and after Waynes laughable statement i tend to lean to the latter.
    I am not after anything from you but i will make you an offer,i will go to Cannock site and teach people there how to diagnose a problem.
    And in return i will know that your useless team there will stop RIPPING CUSTOMERS OFF.
    And also perhaps your policy on zero tolerance will be enacted at this branch.
    As i work in the industry i have to tell you that your fitters at Cannock are basically useless and will lose you more customers than money they make for you.

    Regards Terry Ball

  12. James Malley says:

    Took it into Quick Fit this morning. After the prat told me “It was rotten. All MG exhaust are rotten” before he looked at it. Just as he about had the lift up he said, “You got bald tyres. You need a set of tyres.”

    “No. Actually I have about another 2,000 miles on them. They’re not illegal yet.” He then followed up with, “You need a new exhaust.” Which came to £112.

    While on the phone, seeing when it could be delivered, I stopped him, “Wait a minute. I saw that exhaust and it is not ‘rotten’. Matter of fact, it looks fairly new. I think a bolt might have come loose from the manifold.” “Suit yourself. No sweat off my nose. Makes no difference to me.” as he walks away from his attempts at scamming and defrauding me. Seems like they are all trained that way.

    Neighbouring tyre/exhaust place actually inspected it and found my manifold is cracked. I’ll get it welded probably for around £30.

    What really pisses me off is that what Quick Fit was ready to do wouldn’t even cure the problem.

  13. Tracy says:

    So glad I did a bit of research before handing over my car this morning to KF! Already paid the £30 online for an MOT, but have decided to take it to a trusted local independent garage instead. Think it is worth losing the £30 given the horror stories from so many people and about so many different KF outfits!

  14. Gillian says:

    I went into KwikFit to get a quote for two tyres today. As a single woman one does get used to garages taking advantage, however KwikFit set the standard for a new low. For two tyres (roughly 150 – 200 pounds) I was quoted 500 pounds. Disgusting.

  15. Caroline Parry says:

    I went to kwik fit at the weekend and was told that my garage had not replaced my pads and discs on my Honda civic advised me not to drive as it was dangerous and tried to charge me £250.00 to replace. I took the car back to my garage who had code numbers for the parts they had used and said that it was just one of the pads that had worn. The more I talk to people about them the more I hear peoples stories of a similar nature. People who don’t care that much about how much money they spend probably do get an excellent service but are probably being ripped off and told they need things when they clearly don’t! My advice use them if you have to but avoid them as much as possible.

  16. emily Dennis says:

    I took my car to kwick fit for a “free brake check” I had previously had my brakes pads replaced prior 5,000 miles ago and my main purpose was to just have the car checked over prior to its mot. When I came to collect the car, I was presented with a £528.21 estimate. The cocky manager of the unit, he claimed my brake discs were worn, didn’t state the thickness of the brake disc, just said there’s 0.03 mm left on the disc. I was suspicious at the start as I knew the brakes were ok. Then he went on to say I would have to have new pads as well, then the brake fluid met its boiling point – but we would recommend you to replace that to! Why? Why would you recommend to replace something if its doing its job? Then I was told that I had a worn wheel bearing – (This was correct) but he tried to say I would have to pay for both sides – which was incorrect. and I also would need wheel alignment – even though replacing a wheel bearing doesn’t affect the wheel alignment in any way. The man refused to hand over the test sheet. When I got home, I phoned customer services and complained, they said if I went to another garage and got a report then “they would look into it” Anyway, the garage I went to take it to was the same ones which replaced my pads, 5,000 miles ago, they said the car was in good condition and the brake pads/ discs were not worn and didn’t need replacing.

    Bottom line AVOID.

  17. Andrea says:

    My son is an apprentice at kwik fit and for some I have been concerned that he may be being taken advantage of eg getting him to work late, not getting time back when he goes on courses that eat into his weekend, the manager not making sure that he takes all the holiday he is entitled to, not getting enough experience on other types of work apart from tyres etc. which is bad enough but today learn that the manager takes drugs on site and so does the operations manager, this is so irresponsible, dangerous and what sort of impression is that leaving on my son but where do I go to take this further?

  18. richard says:

    took my celica tsport in to initally confirm my fears of a flat tyre or low inflated one and to raise my concerns about much higher fuel consumption than normal. was then told about their fantastic free brake check deal where they strip the brakes etc (wish id checked what a con that was) then made to pay £500 for supposed worn pads and seized this and that but to be accused of not driving my car enough hence what caused the seizing was only the beggining! when i asked would they swap the front tyres with the rears i was lied to after the job saying they had done so. unknown to the service manager i had a chunk of tyre missing on one of the front tyres from kerb damage so to think i was so stupid as not to check is beyond me. never using them again and am going to ring head office and name and shame if i dont get a free new tyre or part refund -im so livid but glad im not alone

  19. John says:

    Another issue…..had my car serviced in dartford last month, end result engineer didnt screw up expansion tank cap properly, which made the engine voerheat, which blew the head gasket. This all happened while my wife was driving on her own at mnidnight through not the greatest part of london. breakdown services helped her out but they took abnout 3 hours to help. But they are not the issue here.
    Spoke to the branch, tried to deny it was their fault saying the gasket was due to go anyway and i’d have to pay. They finally did admit fault a couple of days later after a ‘special’ tech engineer had looked at the car.
    Branch manager in the menatime would not supply a replacement car for us, i have 2 small children so a car is essential for childcare and school runs, leaving us to the joy of public transport. The next week an area manger called and managed to arrabnge a hire car the same day! Amazing what can be done if you have half a brain.
    Finally got my car back 2 weeks later.

    However, still awaiting news of my reimbursal of expenses and service charge a further 2 weeks down the line. 3rd email going off today, and legal advice being sought.

  20. John says:

    Update on above…they have finally, finally paid me what i’m owed.
    After countless phone calls, emails, and what clinched it a letter threatening legal action, i got my money back.

    Its a shame you have to go to these lengths to get was is rightfully yours. (my situation went on for over 2 months!)

    Although, as a side point, my car has now developed a leak in the same area that kwik fit apparently fixed! Obviously i cant prove its down to them, but i have my suspicions!

  21. JK says:

    Why is this info not widely available !
    I too took car in for ‘quick’ MOT as it was near due date -instead of my usual further away good garage – and ‘exhaust dangerous £227 to fix’ plus welding needed which they couldn’t do. Thankfully that saved me shelling out the cost for the exhaust as my good guys local garage did the exhaust for £25 (yes!) with the welding ~£200 on top – but asked them to redo the MOT as KF didn’t offer free retest unless I had the exhaust done with them. Screw that – I’ll stick with the further away decent garage from now on.

    Additionally only a few days after my mobile has started to receive spam calls from what appears to be KF insurance – (I had to look up spam no’s online as there were no messages, just several numbers with several calls) . Nobody asked if I was ok with marketing calls when I gave my personal number just for an MOT – I hate marketing spam and don’t use my no unless abs nec for this reason.

    Why is this company run so as to deliberately treat customers with contempt? To read this many common ripoff stories mean it isn’t due to a few bad applies, this a bad ethos imposed from the management who think defrauding is acceptable normal business practice. I shall warn everyone off this company in future.

  22. KH says:

    Took my car for service and disks/pads change:
    over charged me
    did not tighten my wheel nuts
    did not stamp my book
    had to re-arrange my booking
    breaks are squeaking
    complained to HO and guess what they did not do anything !

  23. james mcdonald says:

    arranged for a check as my exhaust was rattling and was told I needed a new one at £231.26 I said I would try elsewhere and was told by the other company there was nothing wrong with the exhaust all that was needed was two brackets fitted at cost of £72.00 and with a two year guarantee with it thank you mr (quick rip off)

  24. R Walsh says:

    Left my car at 10:45 am today for a pre-booked and paid MOT at Kwik Fit Horsham only to find that they had no record of the booking and all the manager could get from the call centre was they were having major IT problems. They were having ‘major IT problems’ last week when I booked it as they took my money twice and gave me two bookings for the same date and time. I called the other day and the phone rang for 23 minutes and no one answered. I am told that there are Supervisor or Managers available on Saturdays (and obviously no IT Staff) to speak so I will just have to wait until it is convenient for them to fit me in on Monday – what a way to treat your customers. I am looking else where given what I read on the web.

  25. John says:

    Further update on previous posts in November.

    My original problem was a blown head gasket, which kwik fit had repaired (allegedly), a few weeks after getting the car back, the gasket went again!

    So, i took it to a new garage explained the history and got them to fix it.

    Long story short – the original problem was never sorted correctly, my new mechanic confirmed to me that the head had never been taken off prior to him sorting the problem. I Wonder what Kwik Fit had done then???
    Also, whenever it was tinkered with in the first instance, they had removed the thermostat and not bothered to replace it. Hence my blown gasket.

    £1100 later (which i had to pay out on Crhsitamas eve of all days- happy christmas me.) i had my car back in full working order, complete with a new gasket and thermostat.

    After many months of continual complaining, harrassing and a hell of a lot of persistance from my wife, we finally have the matter resolved. We won our money back.

    Anyone reading this, please do not put your car anywhere near a kwik fit garage. I cannot put into words the contempt i have for this outfit.

    This has caused so much stress and anxiety in my house for the past 7 months, mainly for my wife who uses the car more than me.

    I would rather be without a car than use these clowns again.

  26. amy summers says:

    kwik fit montppelier in bristol fitted a new rear wheel bearing and drive shaft to my bmw. 3 weeks later on another visit to bristol i pulled into a garage due to alarming noises from the same wheel to be told the drive shaft was faulty and also handbrake had been incorrectly fitted and was inoperative on that side. took car back to kwikfit who tried to fob me off saying it was an issue with the other wheel. i am at this point stranded in bristol with no money and nowhere to stay. called AA roadside assistance who confirmed the offside rear driveshaft was at fault and that the handbrake was incorrectly fitted. i will be seeing kwikfit again this morning but they have not only put my life in danger with bad workmanship but stranded a single female alone with no money hundreds of miles from home….and just fed me lies and

  27. Terry Hyland says:

    Recently took my car to Kwikfit in Surbiton, Surrey for them to look at a slow puncture. They showed me a nail in the tyre but the point of the nail had not penetrated through the tyre. They said it was not repairable as the nail was too near to the sidewall and I would need a new tyre at £150! I refused and they put the tyre back on the car. Went to my local independent tyre repair shop and I didn’t tell them I’d been to Kwikfit until later. They found the nail and repaired the tyre for £18. When I told them about Kwikfit they said they weren’t surprised as they were well known for this sort of thing. Spoke to friends and family about my experience and several had a similar horror story. How are they getting away with this? I shall never use them again and will advise anyone who listens to do the same.

    Terry Hyland

  28. Anita Allenby says:

    I took my car for a FREE Brake check, they told me it would be 650.00 but if he played with the figures he could get it down to about 500.00, I had to put some shopping in the car while they were doing the check, I said I would need to put it in the back seat as the boot was full of wood & paper bricks for my friends fire, the manager said I will have some of those off you, I went to deliver them yesterday to my friend after having my brakes done at different garage…60.00, the wood etc has been stolen from the car!! Only kwikfit had the keys so it must have been him..Ben Pearson, I think I should report it to the police as I had bought it.

  29. tracie jordan says:

    i took my dodge nitro into kwik fit in erith as a brake warning light had come up on the dashboard, i was told to bring it back on saturday. i took it in and recieved a phone call a couple of hours later. what a shock i got.was told car needed new rear brake pads and discs and a new rear brake caliper as the old one had siezed.they would also have to replace the brake fluid as it had leaked onto the brake pads.i was quoted £500. i told them that i could not afford that sort of money and would have to come and pick the car up. they then told me that in their opinion the car was too dangerous to drive and as this scared me very much my husband went to pick up the car. he took it straight to a mechanic friend of his and within an hour and a half was told the car was all done and we could go and pick it up. new rear brake pads were supplied and fitted. discs did not need replacing. there was no sign of a siezed caliper and brake fluid did not need replacing. what a relief and the best bit was the bill £60.warning lights all back to normal. shame on you kwick fit. i may be blonde but my hair is bleached and just for the record…dick turpin wore a mask.

  30. E.Barr says:

    My son tried to change punctured tyre and snapped the head of nut on the alloy wheel.I was in Spain when he phoned and told him to phone insurance breakdown company to take the car to the garage.He phoned me back later and said the bill would be £750 !!.Kwik fit said I needed 3 new tyres 2 brake pad sets 2 brake disc sets,plus check and adjust brakes !vales,nitrogen,wheel ballance.My son was told that the broken stud could not be removed and this work had to be done SOON he was at his work at the time and spoke to the fitter and was told that the £750 was a deal price on the day and as the work needs to be done.He phoned me and I could not believe that brakes were as bad as that as the car does only 4,000 mls per year and I have had the car since it was a year old and has only done 22,000mls and had just had a M.O.T.done a few months ago with nothing wrong.I reluctantly told my son to get the work done as he needed car next day.I returned from Spain 2 weeks later and my son showed me the brakes that had been replaced along with the discs and I took them to our local garage and after inspection was told that they were in good order and would last at least another year.I went back to the garage and was told that my son agreed to an inspection of my car ,which he did not.and he agreed for the work to be done all this work because of a broken stud which Kwik fit could not remove.I spoke to the foreman and he spoke to his boss and we agreed I would accept £175 for work that was not required and as I explained why was the car not taken to an other garage to get pin removed when they said they could not remove it.Ten days later I was taken the disc,s and pads out to my car when I looked at broken pin in disc I gave one turn with my drill and the bolt was loose I could not believe it they had not even tried to remove it all that money and parts for this.I went back to the garage and showed the foreman he smiled not there JOB to try and remove stud,well that says it all.I have written to Kwik Fit with a reference number I got of the £175 refund I got which i would not have took if I Had discovered before about the pin.I have no reply from Abdul at customer relations or e-mails answered.This is the last time I will ever be near a KWIK FIT centre again as i have this feeling of being cheated how long will the public stand for this company to cheat us, E.Barr

  31. Mrs Bramble Coppins says:

    Took car in to Barry branch with 2 tyres which I was told were bald. This progressed from 4 new tyres with attendant charges, to new brake discs and new bearings front and back and a total bill of over £1,000 – my holiday for this year. Car came back with malfunction light flashing, which they replaced with a bad grace but still with knocking and loud creaking when I braked. Had my usual garage look at it without going into work KwikFit had done, to be told it would fail MOT as the boots were leaking oil where bearings were fitted and brakes were borderline dangerous. Have gone back to KwikFit again, where manager keeps arguing that there’s nothing serious wrong and he’ll replace rubber boots free (darn right he will!). General attitude is to brush me off and deny any responsibility for conditions which weren’t there when I took car in. I feel they looked at 70-year old lady and thought ‘Right, we’ll take her for as much as we can.’ I am about to contact local trading standards plus have no confidence that when I get car back it will be safe to drive. What a shower!

  32. Steve king says:

    Went to kwik fit to have 2 tyres put on my Audi A5, I specifically told the fitter to be carful as not to damage my wheels as they were immaculate after only just being refurbished less than a month ago! I stood there and watched him put 2 large chips into them after he assured me he wouldn’t damage them! He said oops these things happen! Absolutely disgusting! I’m now going to fight till the last to get my wheels fixed or I’m going to park my JCB across the entrance of the Welling branch and ring the local paper and stop anyone getting in if they don’t sort it out!! I’ll probably be doing the potential customers a favour by not letting these cowboys work on their cars. I can assure you they’ll loose a lot more money than the cost of the 2 wheel refurbishment they now owe me! Neither me or my family or friends will ever use Kwik fit again! I’m sure they loose customer by the thousands! Absolute shambles of a company.

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